Tuesday, November 02, 2010

There's Something about Sarah - Palin that is - that drives Politicians Crazy


What is it about Sarah Palin, our favorite backwoods voice in the wilderness fighting the battles for the forgotten multitudes? How could a basketball playing, rifle toting, mom from the north country be a threat to the professional politicians and Lame Street media who control our once proud nation?

I could understand if it was just Obama and the liberal elitist Democrats, but Sarah has seen the very beneficiaries of the Republican Party she resuscitated from life support two short years ago and led them to the brink of a historic victory today turn on her as well.

Well I have a theory. Palin, while coming from the Republican Party, realized that it was getting harder and harder to tell the professional Democrats from the professional Republicans. Though both parties claimed their own platform and agenda, once elected it was nearly impossible to tell the difference.

Our government is corrupted pure and simple. Money, in the form of campaign contributions, has corrupted our political process and our politicians to the point that preservation of the institution of the corrupt campaign laws dominates all other concerns of congress and the president.

The people be damned! The life blood of politicians is having their veins filled with precious campaign cash. The economy, energy independence, environment, health care cost, homes and mortgages, all are secondary to the flow of cash into campaign accounts.

The same corrupt dollars trickle through the politicians into the bank accounts of the money hungry media who suck up billions of dollars per election in campaign advertising. The very reporters who write about the politicians are dependent on the "corrupt" campaign dollars that feed the politicians to also keep them employed.

Is it any wonder that neither the politicians nor the news media ever talk about the need for campaign finance reform to cutoff the flow of dollars to the politicians and news media? No matter how much lip service politicians give to budget cuts, reducing the influence of special interests, or lowering the deficit, campaign finance reform is essential to making Washington work.

Sarah Palin has been in the vortex of campaign politics and been in the farthest outposts from the reaches of campaign money from special interests as she has crisscrossed in country in support of the more than 32 grassroots candidates she endorsed. Yet she has remained a political outsider, a grassroots advocate and a defender of principles.

After surviving the wrath of the liberal east from the political pundits to the liberal Democrats who made it a top priority to silence the voice from the wilderness, she now faces the money brokers from the other side of the political spectrum, the conservative king makers, and her threat to them is just as real as her threat to Obama and his liberal media.

Not surprisingly, they have moved to complete her destruction finishing the job started by Obama's Chicago gang and the liberal elitist media two years ago. Make no mistake, a true populist politician like Palin threatens all forms of professional corruption in our nation's capitol whether the good old boys are Democrats or Republicans.

Thus the money brokers who rode on the back of Palin to take back America from the disingenuous Obama agenda as seen from the Tea Party movement that is sweeping through local, state and federal elections today, have already initiated a strategy to discredit her role and minimize her impact on politics in America.

They must stop her before she can rally the public to support the one goal she has fought for her entire political career, shutting down the close alliance between special interests and politicians though unlimited campaign cash with meaningful campaign finance reform.

Just as Obama, the Democratic leadership and the liberal media totally underestimated her survival instinct and her connection to the people on Main Street, so do the GOP power brokers who never understood that it is the people, not the special interest brokers, who know what is best for America.

Palin began a long and lonely journey in Alaska to fight corruption and ethics violations in government. Due to circumstances beyond her control she was thrown into the national spotlight and never blinked. But her mission is far from over, and her commitment to the people is unbending.

The old political establishment from both Democrats and Republicans, both conservatives and liberals have only agreed on one thing these past two years and that is stopping Sarah Palin. She stands alone among all public figures in focusing the public spotlight on what is wrong with our system of politics and focusing pubic attention on the need for meaningful campaign finance reform if we are ever to take back America.

If the political parties don't come together and clean up the mess they have created, I suspect Sarah Palin will do what is best for the people and help start a third political party to bring about the end of special interests. Both parties need to remember the people like Palin are first patriotic Americans, then members of a political party. Think carefully before you push her out the door, for the people may already be on the other side.

If I were betting I would say Sarah Palin is a lot more concerned about helping guide the national agenda to change the political system than getting elected president.  Maybe our politicians should consider working with her on the same goals rather than working to stop her.


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