Thursday, November 11, 2010

Now what America? What the election means to our future


Now that the dust has settled, the political pundits have responded, and the world has watched in wonder at our strange democratic system of government, where do we go from here? As for me, I don't believe the politicians from either party nor the national news media and their preoccupation with generating revenue.

The Republicans didn't win, and the Democrats didn't lose. Obama might have been stung by the results and the Tea party certainly did rock the Obama agenda to it's core. Yet as the couple of hundred newly elected officials take office, what does the scorecard show?

On the domestic front

We still have the unfunded Obama agenda with up to $3 trillion in unanticipated cost

The deficit is still $1.4 trillion a year

The debt ceiling will pass $14 trillion this year and $15 trillion next year

The housing and foreclosure crisis remains untouched and unresolved

Financial reform forgot to crack down on hedge funds that brought about the economic collapse

Campaign reform is forgotten as record campaign costs passed $2.5 billion in 2010

Our aging infrastructure needs about $2 trillion to fix what is broken

Health care and insurance premiums continue to spiral up in costs

The more we spend on education the dumber our kids get

We still have no energy independence or alternative energy policy

In foreign affairs

The world economy continues to struggle because of US dominance

In Iraq 50,000 troops can't stop the bloodshed

The new Iraq government was influenced more by Iran than the USA

Sanctions did not stop Iran's nuclear program

Afghanistan remains loyal to Iran in spite of over 100,000 troops and billions a week cost

Obama embraced India while shunning Pakistan our other ally

The Federal Reserve infuriated the world with the $1 trillion "quantitative easing" policy

Germany, UK and France all condemned the Obama backed Fed policy

With the Fed driving down the value of the dollar, America gains at everyone else's expense

Israel and the Palestinians are light years from peace

Israel continues to build settlements

Over 2 million American troops remain overseas but only 150,000 are fighting

China and America remain at odds over currency valuations

America can't even get a trade agreement with our strongest ally in Asia, South Korea

Mexico lost 30,000 lives to America's drug war

South America feels more ignored than ever by the USA

As you see, we have a huge and largely unfulfilled agenda and where action was taken the result was not what we sought. However, you will never be informed of the true problems we face if you do not understand the issues and if you rely on the media and their news in a nutshell attitude. The problems we face require a lot more than 30 second sound bites to solve.

In the days ahead I will review the pros and cons of these issues. Where I can I will offer solutions to the problems or attempt to identify the path to success. If we do not embrace this agenda we will never be the shining light to the world we should be and that the world so desperately needs to survive.

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