Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Way To Go Joe - Vp’s Motorcade Injures 2 Former Olympic Gold Medalists At Vancouver Games


There must be a reason Obama selected Joe Biden as his vice president, perhaps for comic and sometime tragic relief.

Wasn't it was just three months ago that Vice President Joe Biden’s motorcade struck and killed a pedestrian in Washington, DC.

Later that same month, a car in Biden’s motorcade hit a sheriff’s deputy in New Mexico.

Then, the vice president’s advance security detail crashed into a cab in New York City.

And now, Biden’s one man demolition derby has reached international proportions as he struck again, this time nearly wiping out Peggy Fleming, a crown jewel of our Olympic delegation at the Vancouver Games along with another USA gold medal winner Vonetta Flowers.

Both were treated for injuries and taken to a hospital but seem to have fared better than most Biden victims.

So here we go Joe, do not pick up passengers in your motorcade. We know you are the defender of the administration's economic stimulus plans but you will never generate many jobs wrecking your motorcade over and over again.

There are easier ways to help the auto industry sales and to protect our national champions so in the future do your part, fly instead of drive to your meetings, promotions, Olympic games and whatever else you do to keep up appearances as our vice president.


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