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What is Really Causing the Auto Recalls? Maybe it wasn't Toyota's Fault?


Now that number one auto seller Toyota and the company with the highest consumer ratings has suffered a series of recalls on nine different models we see the price one does pay to be first. But wait a minute, why are there right now 45 different cars being recalled for a variety of reasons?

Could it be that it may not be just the fault of the auto companies? For many years I have been involved in the study of frequencies and the effect on people and the electrical devices we have come to depend upon.

Nearly 25 years ago I got involved with the Monroe Institute and the work Robert Monroe, a former audio engineer at CBS, was doing to open the doors to the use of energy frequencies to heal people. In addition his research was followed closely by the Defense Department as he explored ways to leave the physical body and project to other locations, a technique the military and intelligence agencies pursued called remote viewing. More will be written on this in a later article.

Much earlier I had studied the work of Dr. Royal Rife from the Midwest.

The following account is posted on the Minnesota Wellness Directory website.

Dr Royal Rife was probably one of the most brilliant (not to mention persistent) scientists ever to have walked upon this planet. He won 14 awards from the government for his research and was given an honorary medical degree from the University of Heidleberg.

When the technology didn't exist, Rife invented it. Financed by millionaires like Henry Timken, Rife invented the Universal Microscope with 5,682 parts. It was a miraculous machine that could see things smaller than waves of light (which was then and is still today thought to be impossible). Rife was the first to see a live virus. Today's electron microscopes see viruses, but they destroy them in the process through the bombardment of electrons.

While examining bacteria and viruses, Rife noticed that each one gave off a distinct light (or color) pattern. (In the late sixties it was discovered that every living cell actually gives off light and the healthier the cell the healthier the light; conversely the sicker the cell the weaker the light. But this research by Rife was done in the twenties using technology Rife himself invented.) So Rife began to experiment with instruments he invented that oscillated at the frequencies he'd determined from the organisms (bacteria and viruses) and he discovered that by playing back their own pattern of oscillation, slightly modified, he could destroy them without affecting the tissues around them. In other words, Rife could kill a particular virus or bacterium using light rays alone, light rays that were absolutely harmless to the host animal, but deadly to the microbe.

Now comes the really interesting part of Rife's work: he discovered a virus that caused cancer. And he discovered a cure.

Rife named his human cancer virus Cryptocides Primordiales (primordial hidden killer). He injected his virus into 400 lab animals creating 400 tumors. Then, using equipment he had painstakingly designed and tweaked, he exposed the diseased animals to a modified form of energy that was unique to the Cryptocides Primordiales virus, and destroyed all the tumors. You can read all about this in The Cancer Cure That Worked.

Rife diligently worked for decades isolating patterns, modifying them, and playing them back killing microbes that caused disease.

When Rife went public, the University of Southern California sponsored a special medical research team to evaluate this new therapy on the terminally ill. After 130 days, every patient recovered with no side effects to the treatment.

The head of the AMA hopped a train from Chicago to visit Rife in San Diego. Pictures were taken, the story ended up on the front page of the San Diego Evening Tribune: Rife was on his way to a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Today you would be hard pressed to find any reference to Rife in history books. Contact a newspaper for a specific date or story and they will probably tell you that that one is missing from their archives. It is as if Rife and his work have been utterly expunged from the annals of history. His microscope did not exist. His instruments did not exist. His research did not exist. The man himself did not exist.

The AMA wanted a cut. Drug companies pressed for more proof before allowing his instruments to be used. It seems that when a medical device wants FDA approval, each and every use must be evaluated (at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars). Now, keep in mind that Rife had built his microscope and instruments and had worked for decades studying and destroying microbes all before 1930. From 1934 to 1939 doctors all over America used the Rife machines to cure disease, and all over America doctors were being pressured to stop this practice. Offices were broken into and their machines were confiscated. With the backing of the AMA an engineer working with Rife, filed suit against Rife, and this was the beginning of the end. The unending court battles wore Rife down, and the more depressed he got, the heavier he drank and then came the unexpected, the terrifying conclusion: his microscope was stolen and soon afterwards his laboratory went up in flames and his records and research burnt entirely.

The Burnett Lab in New Jersey where Rife's work was being independently validated burned to the ground. Dr Milbank Johnson, a supporter of Rife's and one of the people who had worked to validate Rife's research was poisoned. Dr Nemes who was duplicating Rife's work just 40 miles from Rife's own lab was killed in a mysterious fire that consumed his lab and research papers. Rife's closest associate was given a grant for $200,000 and quickly vanished. People who had worked with Rife suddenly denied knowing him. Rife sunk further and further into depression and alcoholism. By 1940, Rife's work had been wiped out entirely. Every time he tried to pull himself back on track to reduplicate his research, he was hounded and harassed and finally his life ended in a hospital by an overdose that was not self-administered.

No one has yet been able to rebuild Rife's microscope. Many of Rife's associates have come forward in the past two decades, and some have reengineered Rife's equipment for creating these light waves. The frequencies at which certain bacteria and viruses are killed are once again being compiled. However, without a powerful enough microscope (and Rife's perspicacity) and all the while battling the powers that be (thriving drug companies backed by the power of the FDA) it could take years to reduplicate Rife's work.

People have been stopped before with miracle cures in order to protect multi billion dollar industries intended to treat your illness, not cure it. The use of science and frequencies by Dr. Rife and Robert Monroe demonstrated how little we know about the impact of frequencies on our lives.

Now fast forward to today. We are being bombarded by frequencies from satellites, cell phone towers and who knows what other sources. We are also being blasted by solar radiation at levels not seen for years from unusual sunspot activity. A new development that has caught the attention of our own scientists as noted from the following report by the BBC last week.

Researchers say the Sun is awakening after a period of low activity, which does not bode well for a world ever more dependent on satellite navigation.

The Sun's irregular activity can wreak havoc with the weak sat-nav signals we use.
The last time the Sun reached a peak in activity, satellite navigation was barely a consumer product.

But the Sun is on its way to another solar maximum, which could generate large and unpredictable sat-nav errors.

It is not just car sat-nav devices that make use of the satellite signals; accurate and dependable sat-nav signals have, since the last solar maximum, quietly become a necessity for modern infrastructure.

Military operations worldwide depend on them, although they use far more sophisticated equipment.

Sat-nav devices now form a key part of emergency vehicles' arsenals. They are used for high-precision surveying, docking ships and plans are even underway to incorporate them into commercial aircraft.

Closer to home, more and more trains depend on a firm location fix before their doors will open.

Simple geometry

The satellite navigation concept is embodied currently by the US GPS system and Russia's Glonass network, with contenders to come in the form of Europe's Galileo constellation and China's Compass system.

Solar flares - vast exhalations of magnetic energy from the Sun's surface - spray out radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum, from low-energy radio waves through to high-energy gamma-rays, along with bursts of high-energy particles toward the Earth.

The radiation or waves that come from the Sun can make sat-nav receivers unable to pick out the weak signal from satellites from the solar flare's aftermath.
There is little that current technology can do to mitigate this problem, with the exception of complex directional antennas used in military applications.
Sat-nav receivers will be blinded for tens of minutes, probably a few times a year at the solar maximum.

Charged up

A further complication comes from the nature of the outermost layer of the Earth's atmosphere, the ionosphere.

That is composed in part of particles that have ionised, or been ripped apart by radiation from the Sun, with the composition dependent on how much radiation is coming from the Sun at a given time.

The problem comes about because sat-nav technology assumes that signals pass through at a constant speed - which in the ionosphere isn't necessarily the case.
"The key point is how fast the signals actually travelled," said Cathryn Mitchell of the University of Bath.

"When they come through the ionosphere, they slow down by an amount that is actually quite variable, and that adds an error into the system when you do the calculations for your position," Professor Mitchell told BBC News.

The amount of solar activity runs on many cycles; the ionisation will be different on the sun-lit side of the Earth from the night side, and different between summer and winter; each of these cycles imparts a small error to a sat-nav's position.

But the disruption caused by solar flares is significantly higher.

The increased radiation will ionise more molecules, and the bursts of particles can become trapped in the ionosphere as the Earth's magnetic field drags them in.

The effects that sat-nav users will face, however, are difficult to predict.
"We can look at the measurements from the last solar maximum," Professor Mitchell said.

"If we project those forward, it varies quite a lot across the Earth; looking at the UK it will be about 10-metre errors in the positioning."

The errors would be much more long-lasting than the "blindness" problem, lasting hours or even days.

Researchers have no idea what the effect of this solar radiation will have on the machines we have become dependent upon. However, it is enough to cause them to spend millions trying to determine what is happening. They also have no idea what the effect of the concentration of cell phone towers will have on people or machines.

We all know that all recent autos are dependent on a computer driven operating system and that virtually every function in a car is computer driven. Could it be the same radiation is causing a breakdown in the computer chips in autos?

That would explain why the most reliable cars in the world have suddenly become unreliable. It would also explain why suddenly 45 different cars are having major problems with functions directly related to the computers in cars.

I have seen enough over the years to know how little we know and it would seem that if the problem is related to the natural occurrence of solar activity or even to the saturation of the earth with our own microwave, cell phone and other devices then what we have experienced to date could be the beginning of our troubles, not the end.

Science owes us answers to the effects of what they are doing and if they don't know then they should warn us. Much of the work of Nicola Tesla, a pioneer in energy and it's use, Rife and Monroe has been suppressed by authorities and could give us much insight into what is the truth. You should take some time to look in to these matters.


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