Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Saints Came Marching In


It was a super Super Bowl for New Orleans and the long drought for the Saints came to an emphatic end as Drew Brees led the Saints to victory over New Orleans native Payton Manning and the Colts.

The first quarter it was all Indianapolis. The second belonged to New Orleans. But the second half the Saints started dramatically with an onside kick, a first for the Super Bowl, and they never looked back.

By the end it was clear destiny was with the Saints and they played well, rode the stunning performance of Brees, and reign as number one in the world of football. It just may have finally put to an end the rebuilding of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina four years ago.

There are a number of readers of the Coltons Point Times from New Orleans including Maracel and EJ and their family and they even traveled to Coltons Point last fall to share the famous New Orleans cuisine with those of us in Southern Maryland.

We received constant updates during the Super Bowl week and especially the party after when the City of New Orleans was booked solid for a game in Miami. That is the love of life and parties inherent in our gem of a city down in Louisiana.

When the team returned to New Orleans for the victory celebration Mardi Gras just started a couple of days early and the Krewe floats came out in a rare joint appearance for their team. You see, for about a hundred years each New Orleans Krewe has it's own parade during Mardi Gras but they all were there to honor the team.

Drew Brees became the next American super star and his humble nature, mild demeanor and precision passing earned him Most Valuable player, an honor he immediately shared with the team.

If there is an America's team like the Dallas Cowboys used to be it is the New Orleans Saints and I doubt many people were not happy with the outcome. Way to go New Orleans, you made us proud and you helped us forget the mess that was made of the clean up after Katrina.


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