Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Miracle at Massachusetts - Scott Brown


Politics is such an entertaining sport and all the more when the public and the real revolutionaries, those who think government should serve the people, not the politicians, join forces. This silly season we have already seen three cases where the president, congress, media, Democrats and Republicans have all blown it because they refuse to understand the people have a right to be heard.

New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts have all demonstrated that the experts, the pundits, the media and the politicians are clueless. I have written over and over that the Washington and Wall Street establishment have grossly under estimated the people, the anger of the people, and the will of the people to throw them out.

Cathe Chiomento, a faithful reader of the CPT and belle of Philly high society helps to keep me informed of the people's revolt against the crooks so I thank her for sending this video showing an advertisement run by Scott Brown during his greatly perplexing victory in Massachusetts, perplexing to those beltway bandits who have been robbing us blind.

The ad speaks for itself. The change America wanted is not Democrat or Republican, it is a change back to the core values that made America great. It is a call to arms of the people who are fed up with Washington, Wall Street, politicians and anyone else who no longer represent the people.

Let us hope the avalanche of dissent continues to sweep the choices of the back room politicians, fat cats, our capitol and our White House out of office so the voice of the people will be heard once again. We must save America before it is too late!!!


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