Friday, February 26, 2010

The Canadian Olympic Hockey Girls Golden Moment - Smashed and Trashed


Girls just want to have fun!

After four years of hard work the Canadian Women's Hockey team finally beat the USA in the finals and are the best hockey team in the world taking home, well they alreay were home, the Olympic gold.

About 30 minutes after the gold medal ceremony, the same team was back on the ice in the deserted hockey stadium armed with beer, champagne and cigars getting smashed and trashed in the spirit of Cindi Lauper's rock classic, Girl's just want to have fun.

It was an early demonstration of the benefits of winning gold in Canada as it seems all laws regarding underage drinking were waived, don't forget the team did have underage teenagers, not to mention drinking in an Olympic stadium.

So the Olympic Committee gave the team a tongue lashing about how the drunken celebration was not in the Olympic spirit. Are they crazy? I, for one, think after all those years of training and competition the girls deserved to let loose.

Here in America our teens don't even need an excuse like winning Olympic gold medials to have a party and get smashed and underage drinking is most certainly rather common.

Not that I am condoning it mind you because we know every adult in America has never done such a thing. But no one was in danger of drunk driving when they were sprawled on the floor of a hockey rink, unless it was the girl who tried to drive the ice cleaning machine and she didn't evenhave the keys.

Canadians, well they are Canadians, and don't think for a moment they don't know how to party. I say forgive them their errors of judgment. Any nation that can provide the energy needs of the USA should be allowed an occasional party.

Besides, what is going on here during Mardi Gras, New Years Eve, Super Bowl Sunday and March Madness? And we do this every year, not every four years.


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