Thursday, February 18, 2010

Todd Palin, The First Dude, Sarah Palin's Soul Mate and Advisor


I just love it when the media gets so carried away with Palin bashing that they go brain dead trying to find the newest way to stop her. Recently thanks to the unrelenting liberal obsession with smearing all things Palin they got hundreds of emails from Sarah's time as governor publicly released and surprise, surprise they discovered that Todd Palin actually helped his wife in the office.

Of course they forgot to mention that Todd was listed as an unpaid advisor to the governor and had taken a leave of absence from his job on the North Slopes and that all that help did not cost the public a single cent but then the leftists never let facts get in the way of a good Palin story.

So what is the story? It was a question posed to me by someone insinuating they were Glenn Beck so Glenn or your imposter here is my report on Todd. The First Dude is an Independent union member from the United Steelworkers. Sarah's high school sweetheart, something that I'm certain irks the liberals and their distain for family values, they eloped to save money and have been happily married ever since.

A steelworker, jock, commercial fisherman, championship snowmobile racer, motorcycle rider, father, family man and pilots his own private plane, by any definition Todd is truly a Dude. Being Sarah Palin's husband also makes him the target of outrageous media attacks and liberal charges. It is a good thing he ignores the vicious attacks because the First Dude could whup any ten liberal elitists with one hand tied behind his back.

As for Todd helping out in the governor's office, well let's explore that charge of a spouse of an elected politician helping out. Hummm. I guess we could start with Hillary Clinton. She not only helped her husband in the governor's office but in the White House as well with her own staff and office. Did anyone hear the liberal media squawking?

When President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke in office his wife ran the presidency and she wasn't elected. Franklin Roosevelt had Eleanor and she riled a lot of feathers interfering in office affairs. People said Nancy Reagan was the best access to Ronald Reagan if you wanted to get something to his attention.

So maybe the response to what Todd was doing should be, his job as a husband, helping his wife and trying to protect her from the sharks. The same thing Hillary and many other spouses have done over the years. In fact if more politicians would put their spouses beside them in the office there might be a lot less affairs and hanky panky by our elected officials.

If I were Sarah Palin I would have anyone who wanted to see me arm wrestle the First Dude before letting them in and she might save herself from a lot of wasted time being nice to those who want to see her career come to a crashing end.

By the way, in the 30 some campaigns I was involved in at the local, state and national levels you always knew that the spouse was the most important person in the campaign next to the candidate and the more the spouse knew about the office the better the candidates chances of winning and serving successfully. Sarah you keep that First Dude between you and the cold, cruel world you want to help and your chances of success increase exponentially.

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