Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sarah Palin - America's Valentine's Day Gift to Liberals


Why is it the elite liberals of America have such an obsessive attraction to Sarah Palin, the people's voice from the wilderness whose determination to rid the establishment of old time politicians drives a stake into the heart of liberals leaving them frothing at the mouth when she speaks or Twitters?

Of all people it is the intellectual wing of the liberal cause that is first and most furious to react to virtually any act, words or appearances of Palin from the writing on her hand to the words from her mouth. You would think after all these years in politics they would understand when it comes to Palin, it is the far left that empowers her, keeps her in the limelight, and makes her bigger than life.

Now I have been involved in politics a long time working for Democrats, Republicans and Independents over the years and with the exception of Ross Perot, whose Independent movement brought down a Republican president 18 years ago, there has never been a phenomena quite like Sarah. It seems that all those in opposition to Palin have gone brain dead in trying to deal with her.

First take a look at the polls. Palin's claim to fame before the vice presidential race was being governor of Alaska, a state few know anything about. Her meteoric rise as vice president candidate was fueled by the most vicious attacks in politics ever seen bringing truth to the old adage that the more you attack the more sympathy the public is likely to give that person. American's like underdogs and never was the media and liberal community more guilty of creating the very underdog they came to fear and loath.

But you would have thought the election of Obama would have ended that. When she resigned as Alaska governor six months later and two years before the end of her term, a sure sign of political fatigue, it should have been the last we heard from the moose hunter from Alaska. But it was only the beginning of her rise to standard bearer for all who are fed up with politics as usual.

Palin has defied the odds over and over again in spite of the increasing outcry by the White House, liberals, the media and special interests who keep her in the spotlight and have brought her to the consciousness of every voter in America. The vicious nature of attacks and incredible manipulation of the truth about her make her bigger than life and her opponents are to blame.

In politics, the first truism is people have got to know who you are, the infamous name recognition argument that rings true every election cycle. To keep people out of the news you ignore them. To keep people in the news you attack them. Those who do the latter lose and no one is more responsible for the astonishing name recognition of Sarah Palin than the liberal media and leftist intellectuals, with the sole exception of the White House staff and VP Joe Biden who remains somewhat detached from the elitist intellectuals running the White House.

In Biden's case his role is stalking horse for the president, a role he fulfills with blinders and quite well. Yet even Obama says Biden is deeply involved in everything done by the president so we must take Obama at his word, when Biden speaks about Palin it is the president who is speaking through him. The same with the Chicago gang in the White House who never miss a chance to discredit Palin no matter how far they have to stray from the truth. Their words are those of Obama.

Now acknowledging that the Obama campaign machine and the liberal media machine both blew it by failing to ignore her and in turn making Palin bigger than life, what is going on? I believe the hatred of Palin is so deeply entrenched that the liberals, especially media and intellectuals, and the White House elitists are so consumed they will never see the light and leave Sarah alone.

Palin does everything they expected to control and she has trampled on their perception of the role of the elite in society today. The liberals champion causes yet Palin can take on any cause and threaten their goals. For example take energy. She knows how to get energy independence with existing energy. They only believe their green society, Wall Street alignments and new energy are the future. Just when they expected Obama to implement all their untried and untested theories along comes Palin and stops them dead in their tracks.

They paint her as a fool yet she stops cap and trade legislation by telling the people the truth about it. A defeated candidate who resigned from her own office has the power to stop the special interests with no office, no base, not even support from her own political party. The same is true with the Obama secret deals with Wall Street, the ineffectiveness of stimulus and bailouts, the sheer idiocy of the health care potpourri and by raising questions about the sanctity of life.

No outsider with no political base has ever dominated the agenda of our Washington politicians and national media like Sarah and no outsider has generated the response, the attacks, the fear as Sarah has on the liberals and those trying to preserve the status quo.

Oh the incessant attacks have swayed some voters, mostly those members of the very special interests trying to steal America. But as Palin conquers one step at a time in capturing the consciousness of America her base grows as people don't have to believe she is qualified to be president, they just have to believe that she is honest, has family values, common sense and a desire to bring the government under control. She is the heart of the public and the voice of the silent Americans just as she is the only national figure who seems to listen and genuinely want to hear what the public has to say.

When Palin released a book, Going Rogue, that outsold all other political books in history, now surpassing two million copies, far more than any liberal or media person ever dreamed of selling, it was the last straw for the elite. How dare this half-baked grandmother from Alaska, a former beauty queen who dared marry her local sweetheart, who raised five kids and loved one with down syndrome, who hunted with real guns and even fished, who flew her own plane and dared speak for the people. It was just not right that the intellectuals could not sell books like Sarah.

So here we are, a year after her election defeat, six months after she resigned as governor, and what is Sarah doing? Well, this best selling author is leading the charge to throw the Democrats out of office, and the outsiders are three for three to date. She is now a Fox News commentator no longer needing the media for exposure. She is one of the highest paid speakers in America and has a powerful campaign committee helping out new politicians around the nation.

In this past week when the entire Northeast was buried under a snowstorm and the politicians were silent, it was the Beauty Queen from Alaska who dominated the media, stole the agenda of America, and simply refuses to go away. In response she has been blasted on every liberal media outlet every single day over stupid things while she was busy addressing issues and demonstrating that she has indeed changed since the elections.

Larry King had Vice President Biden on television talking about Palin. The White House resorted to their juvenile smear tactics to make fun of her notes on her hand. Liberal polls bombarded the media showing Palin was bad in a dozen different ways though Palin is not running for anything. The frenzy of attacks on Sarah was as great as any time during the last campaign and what happened during the campaign was one of the darker moments of our political history.

Still, if you ignored the political babbling there were stories and op-ed pieces about Palin by those who once upon a time were out to destroy her and suddenly a different tone was starting to be heard about the beast from the northwest. Both The New York Times and Washington Post ran articles warning the liberals that Sarah Palin deserved to be heard. She had a connection to Americans that should not be ignored.

The shock of Sarah in the media was suddenly overwhelmed by the far worse shock that some liberal media were saying maybe she did deserve to be heard

Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin is a political force that defies the odds and breaks the mold. She came from the backwoods and dominates the realm of the elite, the Internet, with her incessant Face Book barrages and multi-million book sales. Sarah makes life interesting, makes politicians accountable and brings family values and honesty to politics. Everyone, friend and foe, benefits from her crusade.

Clearly Sarah Palin is our Valentine's Day gift to liberals because if they accept the gift rather than reject it maybe Sarah will get a break, the media will leave her alone, and the liberals will stop making her bigger than life. We kind of like her being a moose hunter from Alaska with a bulls eye on the Wall Street and Washington establishments. You know you cannot stop her. Why don't you just leave our voice in the wilderness alone? Oh did I mention she just turned a young 46? Sarah may be around for quite a while.


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