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Main Street Media Blows it Again - Fails to Report on Intelligence Disasters Right Under their Noses


 CIA FBI NSA DIA - Whose Spying on Them? 
Thank God for the Guardian and Telegraph of England or we Americans would have no idea what our own intelligence agencies having been doing to us and people around the world.
One might think our news media people are in cahoots with our intelligence (or is it unintelligence) people the way the media fails to cover and follow up on major breaking news regarding the intelligence disasters in America.
The following release is about a new book by a former KGB major and one of the most significant defections to America during the Cold War, Victor Sheymov.

More important, it is about how he was treated by the American intelligence agencies after he came here to help out.
The most disastrous sky scandals of the past 20 years, the Aldrich Ames CIA fiasco and the Robert Hanssen FBI fiasco both centered on Victor and the KGB interest in his activities once he defected to America.  You might say they were prepared to do all possible to infiltrate the CIA and make certain Victor had a very short stay here in the states.  Need I say more?
His story may help tear the gates off Hell and expose more of the surreptitious actions by our national security protectors when it comes to intelligence agencies out of control who show a total disregard for the laws of the land and our place in the world.
Terrorism, counter-intelligence and national security sound patriotic until one explores the depths of the dark side of life where the intelligence games are played out and learns of the victims of these games caught up in power struggles, egos and fanaticism that defy all principles of individual freedom and rights.
Whether the CIA, the FBI or the NSA, are we really safer with them on our side?  If so why are so many scandals carried out in the very offices of our own protectors?
Well once again the media has failed to not only grasp, but to find, a story that lays out the "Bare" facts about the dark side of intelligence.  Thank God for Amazon, where one can still find the truth by reading the latest books on Kindle like Victor Sheymov's incredible expose, TieBreaker - Tower of Secrets II, the sequel to his riveting book Tower of Secrets.
Here is the release our Main Street media are too busy to report on.  Once again the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, NBC-ABC-CBS news and all the other so called viable news media in America should be ashamed.
As David Ignatius, Associate Editor of The Washington Post said,  "Sheymov knew the secrets that spy services die to protect."
Look for the truth in the London Telegraph or Coltons Point Times.
October 2013                                         

Cybersecurity Expert Reveals the Seismic Faults in the Spying Business

TIEBREAKER: Tower of Secrets II

By Victor Sheymov

In one of the most daring operations of the Cold War the CIA exfiltrated Victor Sheymov, his wife and young daughter, and brought them to the US.  Sheymov, as a key player of KGB cyber communications security, had extraordinary knowledge of the whole KGB organization, and the CIA awarded him the highest grade of the intelligence medal for the services he rendered to the United States. Yet for the ten years that he and his family remained under deep cover, unbeknownst to the KGB, working at the highest levels of the NSA and British Intelligence, the CIA itself turned out to be Sheymov’s most insidiously persistent, and dangerous enemy. Why?

TIEBREAKER is the fascinating story of how Victor Sheymov figured out the reason behind the campaign to destroy him and his family, and the cause of the CIA’s catastrophic intelligence failures that the public had a chance to have a glimpse at with the arrest of Aldrich Ames in 1994.

Sheymov then found himself at the center of the next intelligence crisis with the arrest in 2001 of his longtime FBI liaison, Robert Hanssen.

And now Victor Sheymov, world-class cyber security expert and inventor of a breakthrough cybersecurity technology, finds himself at the heart of the search of  the solution to the rapidly growing global threat to cyber security.

Sheymov analyzes the factual failure of the firewall technology and the basis of this breakthrough concept in his other new book,


A Fundamentally New Approach

Cyberspace is defined, and differentiated from out physical space. New method of consummations, Variable Cyber Coordinates (VCC) that provides for superior level of security is described and detailed.
Sheymov told the story of his meteoric career in the KGB, and his disillusionment with Communism and the Soviet system that led to his decision to defect, in his first book.
Superlative...a breathtaking true story...a towering book, fascinating and hair-raising...far more exciting than the most exciting accomplished fiction of the spy genre. Associated Press 
Sheymov knew the secrets that spy services die to protect.   David Ignatius, Associate Editor of The Washington Post, author of Agents of InnocenceBody of Lies

While the story ends abruptly with Sheymov's escorted arrival in N.Y.C., it seems likely that the information he subsequently furnished hastened the Cold War's end. A top-level insider's dramatic, stranger-than-fiction disclosures in the great game of espionage.     Kirkus Reviews

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