Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monster Freak Storm Blasts Midwest - Weather Channel to drop Live Weather


Following are a series of weather charts and satellite photos of the freak storm rambling through the upper Midwest spawning snow, blizzard conditions, winds, 20 foot waves on Lake Michigan, tornadoes, and who knows what else in this year of very strange weather conditions.

This comes on the same day that NBC Universal, who bought The Weather Channel that has been keeping us informed of the weather around the country and world live since 1982 announced they will discontinue some live broadcasts and replace them with more reality programs like you see dominating the network TV channnels.

Leave it to NBC, who has gutted network news coverage leaving NBC News almost a joke because the traditional news doesn't make enough money.  Since GE, owner of NBC, has sold the network along with The Weather Channel, MSNBC and CNBC to Comcast Cable, we can probably expect to get reruns in the future instead of reality or live broadcasts.

America's newspaper, television and radio have all sold out to the Almighty dollar so there is no room left in America for real news, real journalism or real weather.  Our knowledge of current events has been reduced to 30 second sound bites leaving us the most ill-informed generation in the last century.

Of course as little sense as some of the charts make does raise questions about how well the weather is now being reported.  After billions of dollars in equipment, satellites and computers you would think we could have much better information already.

Then again, my brother says the government is deliberating withholding weather information because there are weather anamolies going on the Defense Department does not want us to know about.  I'm working on a story about one, the electromagnetic waves that can bombard earth fom the sun. I already tried to warn you about EMP (electromagnetic pulses) man made with HAARP and other weapons systems.

Maybe there is a reason they don't want us to know about the weather.


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