Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coltons Point Times Report to our Board of Directors, You the Readers


Thanks to our readers of the Coltons Point Times. This week, with your help, the CPT will pass the 300,000 mark for readers this past year. In addition, a Google search turned up 774,00 mentions of the CPT on the Internet.

We are proud to be the only Internet national and international newspaper that does not allow any form of advertising. Did you notice no ads, pop ups, billboards, videos, etc.? We are one of few that require no registration so we have no mailing list to sell of our readers. And we allow truly anonymous comments.

Your patience over the past few months has been appreciated as I have battled a very mysterious and powerful case of Lyme disease which has kept my hands numb and made typing stories a major effort. More reports are forthcoming on how I have battled the Lyme through ancient Chinese and natural treatment protocols. The battle is far from over but I remain confident I will emerge much stronger and healthier.

Just a couple of weeks go my Irish Wolfhound came down with a mysterious infection the vets cannot identify and my constant companion of seven years, CuChulainn, died quite unexpectedly two weeks ago. Thanks to all the readers sending notes of condolences. It was a sad time.

Still the presses kept rolling and we kept on our mission of sharing the truth behind the stories and our effort to try and make you among the most informed readers around. Many articles appearing in the CPT have shown up in stories and television news shows later in a sign we are staying a step ahead of our competition. You can find CPT stories appearing in dozens if not hundreds of blogs and other sites.

Some credit us as a source but many do not. To give you an idea of how this works, there are 97 web sites in the USA and 68 in other nations that instantly download our stories but cannot be identified as they use secret sites to monitor the news. Some are owned by news services who don't want you to know they are using your material while others are from governmental, intelligence and other groups.

You can help us build our free and independent news service by telling your family and friends to check us out, sending them a link or sharing stories. You can also get your own RSS feeds of our headlines sent to your computer by clicking on your RSS symbol.

Now, for a few fun facts. We have readers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and over 130 foreign countries. Here are the top 25 states in the USA and top 25 nations around the world in terms of our current readers.

USA States Top 25

1. Maryland
2. Florida
3. California
4. Texas
5. New York
6. Virginia
7. Pennsylvania
8. Arkansas
9. New Jersey
10. Illinois
11. Ohio
12. Washington
13. Georgia
14. North Carolina
15. Arizona
16. Minnesota
17. Michigan
18. Massachusetts
19. Colorado
20. Louisana
21. Iowa
22. Connecticut
23. Tennessee
24. Missouri
25. Wisconsin

Top 25 Nations Outside USA

1. United Kingdom
2. Germany
3. Canada
4. Australia
5. Ukraine
6. Netherlands
7. Phillipines
8. Brazil
9. France
10. India
11. Italy
12. Spain
13. Romania
14. Poland
15. Turkey
16. New Zealand
17. Sweden\
18. Norway
19. Ireland
20. Israel
21. Mexico
22. Japan
23. Belgium
24. South Africa
25. Switzerland

Finally, we are completing the process of becoming internationally syndicated which should help expand our reader base. Once again you are the reason we publish the Coltons Point Times, as a vehicle to tell you the truth behind the stories and the stories others don't want you to know. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

good one! your friend, Crazy Horse

conjo1963 said...

Congrats Jim...I enjoy the CPT and your comments.