Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obamaville October 14 - Ask Pelosi not Republicans for Budget Cuts!


Why do the liberal media and Democrats in the House and Senate keep complaining that Republicans will never give ideas on how to cut the budget? They make it sound as if there is some conspiracy of silence as a result.

If I were a Republican, which I am not, I would remind the liberal media and incumbents who are running scared that Nancy Pelosi, yes the Democratic Speaker of the House, is responsible for passing the federal budget, not the Republicans. I would also remind them that Nancy Pelosi has been in charge of the budget FOUR years running, not just two since Obama got elected.

They seem to forget the last two years of the Bush Administration it was Speaker Pelosi and a Democratic majority in the House in charge of the largest deficit increase in history before Obama took office and promptly shattered the record the last two years.

Okay, so the Democrats have been in charge all through the massive deficits of the last two Bush years and first two Obama years. What about the current budget for next year that was due last October 1, what cuts did the Democrats approve now that they control EVERYTHING in Washington?

My friends, the United States of America, under the leadership of Obama, Pelosi and Reid, has NO APPROVED BUDGET for the current fiscal year. No budget, no cuts, no guts to even pass a budget. Why doesn't the liberal media attack this truth? Why doesn't Obama demand itemized cuts from his fellow Democrats who are Constitutionally responsible for passing the budget and have ignored their duties?

Truth seems to be in awfully short supply in our nation's capitol. I trust at least the people know the truth.

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