Friday, October 29, 2010

Obamaville - Obama Preaches to Black Choir as Clinton Attempts to stop Black Candidate


As President Obama continues his Don Quixote type wanderings searching for a place where he is welcome to campaign, his henchmen like former President Bill Clinton are out trying to play Godfather on his behalf and get the Black candidate for Senate in Florida to withdraw so the White Independent candidate can win.

Obama may be trying to shore up his base and get the Black community to once again blindly follow his lead to the polls and vote Democratic but his behind the scene efforts to cherry pick those Democrats he wants to win continues through surrogates like Clinton. It is a pattern we have seen before as Clinton also tried to get the Democrat who won the Pennsylvania Senate primary to withdraw because he ran against Obama's handpicked choice.

In Florida Black Democrat Kendrick Meek condemned the tactics of Obama, Clinton and Charlie Christ, the Obama favorite, for attempting to dictate what choice the voters had in the election. In Pennsylvania the people voted against the President.

But come Tuesday the Black voters may think twice about the president they elected and how he has spent much of his first two years ignoring the Black politicians while assuming the Black voters will continue to blindly do as they are told.

The same political strategy was used by Obama on the Hispanic community in which he promised them an immigration reform bill then failed to even introduce the bill. Yet he still expects them to blindly support him, his candidates and his agenda whatever that might be.

To what degree the Blacks and Hispanics will allow themselves to be taken for granted remains to be seen but voter enthusiasm from these key Democratic constituencies is way down and for good reason, they are tired of being used. So far only Obama's Wall Street financiers have benefitted from the Obama agenda.

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