Sunday, October 10, 2010

Watching the Media - CNN Struggles for Identity While MSNBC Embraces Left


The only thing more fun than watching politicians sell out their principles in an effort to align themselves with the latest polls is watching the news networks sell out to the ratings game. With just three weeks left in the midterm campaign come Tuesday last minute adjustments are being made by the media but will they do any good at this late stage?

Take CNN for instance, the last cable network close to being fair and balanced until they moved left winger Rick Sanchez into an anchor role, then into prime time, and now have fired him. Did CNN move too far to the left? Of course, and when CNN wanted to introduce a new liberal program with co-hosts former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer with co-host Kathleen Parker, a show called Parker Spitzer (how creative) Sanchez had to go.

So far the television critics don't like the show nor the fast pace that means we get sound bites, not in depth discussion of issues. That is all we need on cable, more sound bites and less news. But then why CNN chose to revive the career of the discredited Spitzer who was force out as governor of New York because of a prostitute scandal, when there are surely others not involved in sex scandals in politics is hard to understand.

CNN seems to have temporarily lost their mind when it comes to programming. In their exclusive coverage of saving the miners trapped in Chile for 66 days they didn't even realize it was an American drilling team that was responsible for providing the drill and team that reached the miners two and a half months ahead of schedule. It wasn't until late in the coverage they finally realized it, even though the Americans were beside the President of Chile when he made the dramatic announcement.

Just today, Sunday, CNN host T J Holmes was doing story on a university study showing divorce rates for different women's occupations. Believe it or not two male reporters did the story, no females, and CNN has plenty of capable females. CNN's Robin Meade or Soledad O'Brien could have done a much better job.

Of course the whole story was stupid as the highest divorce rate was among dancers and choreographs, at around 33%. There was no explanation of what kind of dancers. Do ballet and pole dancers have the same divorce rate? And since 50% of all marriages wind up in divorce, it made no sense what so ever.

CNN is still stringing out the long overdue retirement of Larry King and the segments get weirder by the day.

Anderson Cooper is one of our favorite CNN reporters and he is now appearing on CBS 60 Minutes and other networks. Will he be the next to leave? They really don't need to lose any more good reporters.

Then there is Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the sole conservative on the liberal frenzy called The View (ABC) with Barbara Wawa, Whoppie Goldberg et all. She has won a new and coveted spot on Good Morning America, the ABC morning show, where she will finally get to finish a sentence without liberal interruption.

Finally, MSNBC has added yet another left wing show with host Lawrence O'Donnell who has been a political analyst for MSNBC for over 10 years. As he said, "I've had a part-time job at MSNBC for 14 years. Now that the network and I have gotten to know each other, I'm thrilled to be going full time." f course the quality of his new show can be seen by the fact his second show featured the resident idiot from Alaska, Levi Johnston, the high school dropout who got Bristol Palin pregnant. Seems O'Donnell could never get Sarah Palin on the show so he chose to go for the vulgar dimwit to try and hype his ratings. Now that was some intellectual presentation.

Entertainment is news in America...

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