Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Liberal One Nation Rally Trashes Nation's Capitol - News The Media Didn't Report


More than 400 liberal unions, civil rights, environmental, gay rights, and other progressive groups gathered in DC October 2 to prove 400 liberal organizations could outdraw one conservative, Glenn Beck, but all they really proved is how much they are really dedicated to the nation and environment. The mountain of trash left behind on our nation's most sacred monuments was astounding considering the causes in attendance and of course the media forgot to point out a single negative sign when the mall had many negative and socialist signs.

Capehart on Right

While the unions again spent a small fortune in union dues busing in protesters and the speakers wailed against the Constitution and those who might disagree with their far left agendas at least the left wing media like Jonathan Capehart from the Washington Post, a favorite of MSNBC, could report on events with the typical blinders of a special interest.
Glenn Beck Rally

Liberal Rally 

As for the comparison with Beck, you judge from the actual photos. We now know it takes 400 liberal organizations and free busing from the SEIU to equal 1/2 the crowd drawn by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and that liberals who champion the environment re the biggest polluters of all.

NAACP's Ben Jealous Continues Liberal Lies and Distortion

What is wrong with the leaders of the civil rights groups in America who claim to want to work with the Tea party to bring America together then spout blatant lies about the Tea party as if hiding behind Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy can shield them from the truth.

Hey Ben, a lie is a lie! Claiming to extend an olive branch to the Tea party won't work when the olive branch is laced with cyanide. It is also really silly to claim you formally invited the Tea party to the socialist rally and then refuse to identify what Tea Party official you invited to the media. Since you then proceeded to trash the Tea Party while purporting to extend the olive branch you win hypocrite of the day honors.

Here are some of the other images the national media doesn't want you to see from the liberal bash.


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