Friday, October 08, 2010

Obamaville October 8 - Dismal Jobs Report Sink Democrats election Hopes


As Obama continues crisscrossing the country raising millions of special interest dollars to prop up failing Democrats campaigns Obama continues to blame everyone but his own policies for the failure to stimulate the struggling economy.

The truth is his cerebral approach to lecturing the public and his lack of any plan for the long term economic recovery has failed and everyone but the White House knows it. With the unemployment rate hovering at an astounding 10% after two years of Obama leadership, there is simply no recognition of the problem and no grasp of the solution forthcoming from the president.

Small business in America and big business as well are not going to create jobs when the Obama social programs hang a threat of massive new federal regulations, higher health care and pension costs, and a higher cost to borrow money.

In short, the Obama strategy of passing so called reform programs with massive new government regulatory requirements and benefits not scheduled until far into the future is not a plan but a shell game of delaying increased costs and lost benefits until sometime in the future. Obama is playing Russian roulette with the future of our country and the people will not stand for it.

Throw them out - throw them all out!


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