Friday, October 01, 2010

California Democrats Smear Whitman - Take Dirty Tricks Mantle from California Republicans of Watergate.


Once upon a time it was the Republicans from California who were accused of the most dirty of all dirty tricks in political campaigns. That was back when Watergate sank President Nixon thanks to the political manipulation by Californian's Haldeman and Erlichman who worked for Nixon.

Today it seems the Democrats from California have taken control of dirty tricks as the tag team of Jerry Brown, Democratic candidate for governor, and Gloria Allred, 69, a well-known publicity seeking lawyer who, on her website, calls herself "the most famous woman attorney practicing law in the nation today, " have launched the modern effort of campaign dirty tricks to save the Brown campaign, protect union control of California, and stop Meg Whitman from becoming the next governor.

Allred produced a letter from Social Security, one that was 7 years old mind you, raising questions about the Social Security number of a domestic worker f0r Whitman. A year ago Whitman discovered her employee was an illegal alien and fired her. Gloria called a news conference claiming Whitman knew she was illegal since the letter 7 years ago.

Although she has been a substantial financial supporter of Jerry Brown who began a long and illustrious career before World War I or whenever he started as a public servant of California, and she is a card carrying liberal Democrat along with being self-proclaimed as the greatest woman lawyer in America, she denies Brown, the current attorney general for the state, was involved in this latest caper.

Of course she does not explain how she got a confidential letter from Social Security with a hand written note from Whitman's husband on it, though someone had to steal it. She also does not explain how a letter from Social Security about a SS number has anything to do with Illegal Immigration since that is handled by the Justice Department and there is no mention of her residency status in the letter.

Justice Department, hummm, isn't Mr. Brown the head of the California Justice Department that works with the US Justice Department on illegal immigration matters? Maybe someone in his office accidently stole the Social Security letter and accidentally gave it to Gloria?

Watergate took the work of political insiders working with outsiders in an abuse of government powers and manipulation of the political process. Sounds like the modern Democrats of California are following in the footsteps of the California gang behind the Watergate.

The celebrities of the liberal left are really upset with the potential loss of control of the nation as well as California in the upcoming election but we really thought Watergate style chicanery was a thing of the past. Leave it to the liberals to save the things Americans want no part of today.

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