Monday, October 11, 2010

Secretariat Movie Must See for American Pride

This past weekend Disney films released a true story of the greatest race horse in American history and it is a must see for families and those seeking something to be proud about in America.  The family movie opened in third place, a surprisingly strong opening considering the obsession of American moviegoers with greed, corruption, vampires and fantasy.

Secretariat had what called a “decent start” at the box office when opening weekend estimates indicated that the Walt Disney Co. motion picture had generated $12.6-million in box office receipts to rank third among all films and second among those released October 8.

The early returns bode well for Secretariat becoming a profitable film. With a budget of $35-million, it is already more than a third of a way to that figure, and there does not appear to be much competition the weekend of October 15 from new films.
This is a hearty warming story, all true, with an amazing cast led by Diane Lane, a favorite of the CPT.  But it is the story of Secretariat, whose heroic deeds at a time of national despair, in the middle of the Watergate scandal, brought to an end a 25 year wait for the next Triple Crown winner of horseracing's crown jewels.

The powerful horse astoundeed the experts and caught the imagination of the world as he came from dead last place to set a blistering record in winning the Kentucky Derby.  In the Preakness the horse changed tactics and moved from last to first place on the first turn of the race to win handily.  In the final leg, the Belmont, Secretariat again changed tactics and was in the lead from start to finish leaving the entire field an astounding 40 lengths behnd in record time.

But his story is far more than the Triple Crown and that is why you should take the family to see the meaning of a true legend and hero.  I got to see Secretariat several times in Kentucky and he was just as powerful a force in person as on video tape.  You can see the three historic triple crown races at the following link:

You can also check out the following links for reviews and stories of this amazing champion.


Entertainment Weekly says Disney successfully turned Goliath into David.
Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert gives the film four stars.

The Lexington Herald-Leader pans the movie.

New York Times review says the horses outshine actors in "squeaky clean" film.
Time calls Secretariat "a feel-good movie to be proud of."'s Andrew O'Hehir calls Secretariat "A gorgeous, creepy American myth.".

Ebert provides a rebuttal to O'Hehir's "bizarre" review.

O'Hehir responds to Ebert's response to O'Hehir's original review.

CBS says Diane Lane "dazzles" as Penny Chenery.

Louisville Courier-Journal also charmed by Lane as Chenery. says Secretariat won't match The Blind Side. calls Secretariat "corny."

And so does

Boston Globe calls Secretariat a wire-to-wire winner.

Philadealphia Inquirer calls Secretariat "workmanlike sports inspirational."

Philadelphia Daily News says film is "A Bit Off Track."

The Kansas City Star tells readers to rein in their expectations, gives movie two stars.

Salt Lake Tribune: "Secretariat runs a well-trod course."

THOROUGHBRED TIMES Senior Staff Writer Frank Angst reviews the film.

THOROUGHBRED TIMES correspondent Phil Janack reviews the film. 

From the Baltimore Sun, Turf writer Sandra Mckee's take on the movie, called Seeing is Believing. 

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NY1's Neil Rosen says Secretariat "comes up a winner."

Feature Stories:

From the Palm Beach Post, Ogden Mills "Dinny" Phipps recalls his family's role in Secretariat's story. talks with Director Randall Wallace about his casting choices.

Andy Beyer revels in Disney introducing Secretariat to a new generation.

From the Baltimore Sun, the Preakness Stakes' role in Secretariat.

From the Las Vegas Review, the film may help attract new fans to horse racing.

Roger Ebert was particularly impressed with Secretariat's Belmont Stakes (G1) performance. (Warning: coarse language)

From Lexington Herald-Leader, Secretariat filled with Kentucky.

Penny Chenery tells South Mississippi Sun Herald that movie is 'wonderful, feel-good show'.
The Hollywood Reporter on Disney marketing film to faith-based audiences.

The New York Times profiles Penny Chenery and her role in the film.

Washingon Post sports columnist Leonard Shapiro on the film's D.C. ties.

On the web:

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Secretariat movie said...

one of the best movies i have seen this year. extreamly recommended. i went to watch him with my 3 little children and they love him to. fitts for all family.