Friday, October 08, 2010

Campaign 2010 - Whitman Smeared by Brown and O'Donnell Misses Golden Opportunity.


In an effort to be fair, today we look at the California Governor's Race and Delaware Senate Race to see how politicians and their advisors are their own worst enemies.

In California Democrat candidate for Governor Jerry Brown forgot to hang up the phone and was taped calling his GOP opponent Meg Whitman a "whore" in an unfortunate moment of frustration.

Just the week before the Democrats in California thought they had Whitman on the ropes with false charges that she hired illegal workers.

But those who smear others often are the losers in the end as the new Brown "whore" tape emerged and not only insulted all the women of California with his sexist insult, but insulted any woman who has been successful in the corporate world. Such a Neanderthal view of women's rights in this day and age has no place in politics.

As for Christine O'Donnell and her bid to unseat the Democrat favorite in the Delaware Senate race, you may remember she was caught on tape about 20 years ago talking about witchcraft. Her advisors got her to make a commercial saying she was not a witch with a dark background.

She should have made fun of the stupid charges and done a commercial that said with the disaster in congress and the economic woes all Americans face she would use witchcraft if necessary to clean up the mess in the capitol.

If she had played off the Bewitched fame of Elizabeth Montgomery, a good witch wrinkling her nose to get rid of Nancy Pelosi or the old politicians in Washington, it just might strike a chord with the public victims of incompetent politicians. We need real people, not politicians, to find our way through the maze.

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