Friday, October 01, 2010

Having left the nation in shambles, polarization in DC and class warfare inflamed, Rahm Emanuel heads to Chicago as Obama loses his lifeline to reality


One thing you must admit about the little man with the mighty bark from Illinois, his influence over Barack Obama was dominating and it will take years for historians to figure out whether Obama or Emanuel was more responsible for the wreck of the Obama ship of state after two years in office.
A second thing you must admit is how this former Goldman Sachs executive and Wall Street money machine was able to silence the liberal left as he made the Democrats under Obama the beneficiaries of Wall Street special interest money while making certain nothing of any substance happened to the fat cats as a result of their destruction of the American economy.

Liberal groups and the liberal media, supposedly protectors of human rights and defenders of America from corporate crooks, were silent as Wall Street destroyed the economy, were silent as Wall Street got bailed out by Obama, and were silent as Wall Street and the banks got rich at our expense.

We have raised questions since 2007 about the Obama relationship to Goldman Sachs, what Goldman had to do with two leading opponents of Obama withdrawing from his campaign for the US Senate, about the role Goldman played as the top giver and pied piper for Wall Street money flowing to Obama and fellow Democrats, and on and on.

As a Goldman alumni and Obama's top aide Rahm was in a position to answer questions or block the answers and with his departure maybe some answers will finally be forthcoming.

There is no doubt he dominated the West Wing of the White House and much of the domestic and foreign policy offered by his inexperienced president and boss. It will take years before enough records will be declassified to discover the true extent of his role.

Still Emanuel will be missed because he was the only person in the White House who seemed to do anything, and never failed to follow his own advice and take advantage of every crisis. Chicago is much more suited to Rahm than Washington. I mean Chicago had Al Capone.

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