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Saviors of the 20th Century Hitler & Stalin - Table of Contents


The war of annihilation between the Nazis and Communists

A number of people have asked for more details on the contents of my book Saviors of the 20th Century now available worldwide on Amazon Kindle books.  The table of contents follows so you can grasp the full scope of the book from the origins of Communism to Nazism and the lives of Hitler and Stalin.

Of particular interest may be the relationship of Jews to both the Communist and Nazi movements as well as the mindset of Hitler and Stalin that led to 220 million deaths at their hands.

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Available worldwide through Amazon Kindle books.

Saviors of the 20th Century - Hitler & Stalin

Table of Contents

• Prologue

Why Saviors?
Where is Truth?
Maya - The Illusion of Earth
Those that Fear Prophecy lack Faith
Journey to the Past
Searching for Stalin’s Secrets
Adventures in Motherland
To the Russian Frontier
Beyond the Looking Glass

1. A Search for Truth

Striking Similarities
Hard Facts Discovered
Strange Truths Revealed
The Fallacy of History
Warning Signs

2. A World in Turmoil

Revolutionary Fervor
Legacy of Revolutions
Legacy of Wars

3. Communist Evolution - Germany

Origin of the Term “Communist”
Hegel - German Socialist Philosopher
Early German Socialist Revolutionaries
Influential German Writers
German Marxist Communism
Karl Marx (1818-1883)
Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)

4. Communist Evolution - Russia

Pre-revolution Anti-Tsarist Political Movements - Russia
Russian Jewish Revolutionaries
Mikhail Bakunin and the Anarchists
Sergi Nechayev - Bakunin Disciple
Anti-Semitism Prevails
Jewish Political Parties
Russia - Motherland of the Social Experiment
Lenin - The Soul of Communism
The Early Years
Socialist Organizer
Revolutionary Leader
Leon Trotsky (1879-1940)
Early Political Life
Revolutionary Leadership
Life & Death in Exile
Communist Party Timetable
Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (RSDLP)
Bolsheviks & the 1905 Revolution
The Revolution of 1917
Jewish Treatment by Soviets
Russian Jewish Money from America

5. Financing Wars and Revolution

Emergence of Jewish Moneylenders
The Jewish Banking Houses
The International Bankers
Bankers Role in American Civil War
Post Civil War -- American & African Monopolies
Financing the Communist Revolution
The Bolshevik Re-revolution

6. Josef Stalin – The Man of Steel

The Early Years
The Young Revolutionary
Lenin and Stalin
Russian Revolution of 1905
Lenin’s Counter-Revolution
Bolshevik Revival of 1911
February Revolution of 1917
October Revolution of 1917
The Civil War of 1918
Battle for Succession 1920
Illnesses Sweep the Leadership
Stalin Consolidates Control

7. Adolf Hitler – Messiah of the Third Reich

The Early Years
Hitler Loses Faith
A Bohemian in Vienna
Military Life & Honors
The German Marxist Revolution
Hitler’s Communist Subversive Bureau
Hitler and the Occult
Aleister Crowley - The Beast “666”
Other Occult Advisors
Himmler - High Priest of the SS
Hitler’s Miraculous Escapes
Hitler & the Jewish Bolsheviks
Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion
The Communist Manifesto
Jewish Declaration of War
The Rise of the Nazis
Hitler & His Doctors
Anti-Semitism Explodes
Poland - Armageddon of WWII
Dancing with the Devil

8. World War II (1939-1945)
Hitler Saves the English
The Devil’s Triangle
Himmler’s Death Squads
The Jewish Relocation Program
Tearing the Lid off Hell
Resistance Intensifies
The Final Solution
Concentration Camps - Labor & Death
Nazi Occupation of Eastern Europe
The Angel Among Demons
Hitler’s Reign Ends
Hitler’s Mysterious Death
Why Stalin Stole Hitler’s Body
Deaths in the European War

9. The “Other” Holocaust

Jewish Population Trends
Jewish Migration Patterns
Chart - Population Distribution
Chart - 20th Century Migration
The Nazi Holocaust
The Other Nazi Holocaust
The Soviet Holocaust
Bolshevik Extermination Leaders
Missing Population of the Soviet Union
Communist Genocide Program

10. Conclusion

The Devil’s Advocates
War & Revolution
Ancient German History
American Isolation
Hitler - The Great Dilemma
Ancient Jewish History
Stalin - Gravedigger of the Revolution
Lost Souls of the Atrocities
20th Century Paradox


1. Communist Manifesto
2. Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion
3. Selected Bibliography

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