Friday, October 29, 2010

al-Qaeda attempts to disrupt American Election with bombs aimed at Chicago Synagogues


In an election eve present to America Osama bin Laden continues to deliver on his long standing promise to disrupt the American system and destroy our economy with the election eve discovery of two explosive devices apparently designed to bomb Jewish synagogues in our President's hometown of Chicago.

Whether the devices could have done any damage or not remains to be determined by forensics experts in the UK and Dubai, who intercepted the packages enroute from Yemen at local airports outside of London and in Dubai.  US anti-terrorism experts are joining them to evaluate the materials.

While it remains to be seen if this episode that captured the attention of the American news media for the entire day was a media stunt to disract attention from the election or a real threat to America, it does show that bin Laden is alive and well and America better not take terrorism lightly.

Recently it has been France, the UK and Germany whose intelligence agencies have been stopping the terrorist acts before deaths and destruction have been inflicted on the people of Europe but the two packages discovered by European authorities this time were headed for America and were possibly intended to go off the same time President Obama was campaiging in Chicago this weekend although neither was going to a location where the President was scheduled to appear.

Still, the fact the packages were on the way and might have been the first successful terrorist attacks since Obama was elected and might have occurred in the same town where the president was appearing fit the typical modus operandi of bin Laden who is a master at intimidation along with being a deadly enemy of the USA.

Reportedly living in relative comfort at a house in Pakistan rather than the dingy caves we have been led to believe, bin Laden, who was trained and funded by the USA to fight the Russians in Afghanistan before turning on us over Israeli policy, continues to be the most visible example of how we are not winning the war on terrorism.

Several additional packages sent from Yemen were intercepted in New York and Philadelphia but nothing was found.  Still, the fact the international intelligence communities cooperated with Americans and were able to stop all shipments before reaching trheir intended locations shows cooperation among nations is better than ever

While the extent of the threat remains to be seen, it is a reminder that nearly ten years after 9-11 Osama bin Laden has not given up his efforts to drive the US out of Arab nations and the Middle East.

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