Monday, October 11, 2010

Obamaville October 11 - Is the President an Ivy League Spoiled Brat?


Never thought I would write such a headline and especially when I was one of the millions of Americans who hoped our first African American president would be successful. Like most Americans, I knew our political system was broken two years ago.

When Obama got elected I waited patiently while he learned firsthand the difficulty of being president and commander in chief. More than anything else I wanted him to start the healing process of the nation like he promised, and focus on the immediate national problems we faced like jobs, the economy, the deficit and unemployment.

I'm still waiting. Obama has proven to be more like an old style politician than any shining light for the future. Along the way he has not only forsaken healing the country but has actually increased the political polarization and class warfare undermining our political system.

On the campaign trail this fall he acts like an embittered candidate for office rather than the incumbent. His strategy of blaming Bush and Republicans for all his woes defies logic and reflects ignorance of the facts. At times he acts like a spoiled Ivy League kid whose integrity has been questioned.

In response he attacks with less logic and more bitterness making idiotic claims with no substantiation designed to divert attention from his dismal performance and lack of leadership. At what point, I wonder, did Obama lose sight of the fact he is the president of all the people. Since when were our presidents above criticism, especially when there are so many things to criticize.

The lies and attacks he and his gang spout on the campaign trail are unbecoming the leader of the western world and are making a mockery of the prestige of the office of president. Even he liberal media are tiring of his whining as the New York Times said there is no proof or evidence that foreign money is being funneled into the midterm campaigns of the dastardly Republicans as Obama and Axelrod, his resident hit man, have claimed.

You would think after all the finishing schools he completed he would have learned how to take criticism, how to take responsibility for his actions, and how to act like a man and president rather than a spoiled brat. Mr. President, stop campaigning. It is becoming an embarrassment to you and the nation. Our leaders have always risen above partisan politics, isn't it about time you start acting like a leader and lead instead of tearing us apart. Give us a president we can be proud to call our own.

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