Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obamaville 2010 - Rage Rules as our President of Democrats of America rejects 2/3 of Constituents


Reality is as reality seems and the rage and discontent in America has been fueled by the most partisan, polarizing and paralyzing new president in our modern history. Somewhere along the way after being sworn in as president Barack Obama and his Chicago gang made a series of assumptions that defy logic and reflect either a total misunderstanding of democracy or an arrogant exercise in power politics not see since, maybe Napoleon in France.

Socialism is a political system based on a perceived sense of entitlement. In modern times the very socialist leaning system so rigorously pursued by our president and his confidants is crumbling around the world in nation after nation, especially in Europe, that embraced the socialist notion of creating a society based on entitlement rather than hard work and productivity.

One by one the socialist experiments of the world have fallen into disarray just as our young, idealistic and inexperienced new president decided he knew what was best for America without consulting the American people he was elected to represent. In America an election victory, especially one by just 7 % as Obama achieved, is far from a mandate but an opportunity to lead.

In the sweet elixir of his victory he forgot the most important principles of politics in America, our president is not king and once elected our president serves all the people all the time, not just those he likes who blindly support him. Two years later, nothing has changed. Obama remains the President of the Democrats who still support him and everyone else be damned, including the Democrats who once supported him and he betrayed for political expediency.

Make no mistake, Obama's agenda has no regard for the little people who are the backbone and foundation of America. His elitist worldview is based on bringing to America what we have rejected for over 234 years. We have no intention of making all the mistakes of our older European friends who long ago jumped to socialism because they were seduced by leaders whose vision extended no further than their noses.

Europe is a really old place and they have seen thousands of years of monarchs, despots, dictators, crazy kings, revolutions, capitalism, socialism, nazism and communism all come and go in the name of God and the worker. Of course once they become popular the God part fades away.

Recent generations have seen the collapse of the empty promises of socialism and nation by nation is not paying for the socialist sins of their parents. The health care and education systems love by Obama are self-destructing in a sea of long term debt. The cradle to grave promise of social welfare and pensions is drowning in bankrupt nations, ever growing demands for entitlement, and the rejection of socialist and leftist government and their replacement with fiscally conservative governments.

From the UK to France, Spain to Greece, Ireland to Italy, they are all following the lead of the one nation that has most incorporated and imitated the American way, the nation of Germany. Led by Angela Merkel and her conservative government, Germany is the most powerful nation in Europe after being totally destroyed and gutted twice in the past century and after absorbing the ruins of East Germany into the German nation after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Of course that should not be surprising to those of us in America since over sixty million Americans are fully or partly of German ancestry, the largest ethnic block by far in America. These are the descendants of the German immigrants to America who built our unparalleled agricultural system in the 1800's and powered our industrial revolution in the 1900's.

Our young president seems to have forgotten the lessons of the past or never learned them as he continues to be president to only those who don't criticize or oppose him. Well two thirds of the people don't agree with him or the direction he is leading the country and his fall from grace and the fall from grace of his Democrat party is the only possible outcome when arrogance and elitism are imposed on the people of America.

To the people of America the socialist leaning agenda of Obama is a dinosaur that has failed and is self-destructing in Europe and around the world. Americans have no desire to be better at socialism than the rest of the world. Fact is we have no interest in being anything like the rest of the world. We have the most integrated, multi-cultural, and dynamic nation in the world. We have the most powerful economy, natural resources, agricultural production and military on earth.

Our economy ranks second to none with the second greatest economy on earth, China, five times smaller than ours. We are the most generous, charitable, forgiving free people on earth and we are the only nation where people are desperate to move here and are willing to risk arrest to get here.  We have a lot to be proud about and a lot more ambition, innovation, creativity and motivation than any people on earth.   

Please Mr. President, respect our heritage not your naive vision. You work for us, all of us.

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