Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NCAA Football - Will Unbeatens Survive?


Only 7 major college teams remain unbeaten and in the driver's seat for the national championship but if the powerhouses like Auburn and other major conference teams lose it will open the floodgates to a host of once beaten premier teams to challenge for the title.

Just behind the first tier of unbeaten teams stand Alabama, Ohio State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Arizona, Stanford, LSU and Florida State. Finishing unbeaten will not be easy as 1. Auburn still faces Alabama, 2. Oregon faces USC, Arizona and always dangerous Oregon State, 3. Boise State has a battle brewing with Nevada, 4. TCU still must face unbeaten Utah, 5. Michigan State faces Iowa, 6.Missouri faces Nebraska and 8. Utah faces TCU.

The top games this weekend have Michigan State against Iowa and Missouri against Nebraska. For the first time in three weeks the number one may remain the same as Auburn faces Mississippi with a 3-4 record.

The latest polls:

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