Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Japan Introduces Actroids in a Trip Back to the Future


A few years ago I spent the better part of an afternoon meeting with an honorable Japanese businessman whose families were owners of one of the Japanese Trading Companies that seem to control the Asian and sometimes world economy.

It was a fascinating history lesson on the evolution of the Japanese economy since World War II and how an extremely small nation with a small population could survive in a competitive Asian world. You must remember that the Japanese must compete with South Korea, Taiwan, China and India in the fields of innovation, technology, product engineering, manufacturing and distribution and this is where all the world's jobs have gone.

To my surprise he said they had no intention of competing in the traditional areas of product engineering, manufacturing or distribution as they did not have the labor force, land or ability to compete with the Chinese. However, their sole focus would be on future technologies, the things people will need that have not been invented. I am reminded of our conversation as I tell you about the Japanese Actroids and you better believe the future is now.

First, the dancing and singing Acrtroid in the following video. Our Asian friends have made a giant leap forward in creating real Androids like from Terminator or Star Trek films. Imagine having a rock or entertainment star like Taylor Swift who is an Android. Better yet, think of Lindsay Lohan and all the trouble she has been in not to mention all the entertainers caught up drugs and alcohol.

A star that didn't drink, do drugs, party, get busted, spend money foolishly, demand private jets and penthouses, and not even take a huge salary. Now that sounds too good to be true and probably is banned here in the land of need and greed, the USA.

Enjoy the latest technology successes of the Japanese.


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