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Politics in America - the Clash of the Titans - Axelrod & Plouffe versus Palin & Limbaugh


The Shadow Campaign moves to the Forefront as the Chicago Gang goes for the Conservative Kill

Politics in America is about to hit a new high or low depending on your point of view.  This past week brought to the forefront the underlying organizations who will most likely decide the future of America.

The four Shadow combatants now squaring off might as well be the ticket for the Democrat and Republican party because they have the potential to make the real candidates nothing more than wallpaper.

As a matter of fact, none of the four has any particular loyalty to a political party although they have taken the spoils of office as income sources in the case of the Democrats.

What is clear is there are no more powerful opinion makers, policy makers and spokespeople for the liberal and conservative causes that fight for control of the American political system every couple of years.

Make no mistake, nothing is done by the president without first checking with his surrogates David Axelrod and David Plouffe, and most times what the president does is what they told him to do.

Between the two they control access to the president and activities of the president.  They decide who gets what in terms of government aid and loans and if they don't sign off on policy it probably won't happen.

On the conservative side you have media titan Rush Limbaugh and media star Sarah Palin, the only one of the four to have run for major office or to have served in office as governor.

As non-candidates they hold sway over massive resources and can influence the entire campaigns from Super PACs and candidates to public opinion and political activism.

It is very rare that those operating in the shadows of a campaign come to the forefront but this time it happened and the result will be one of the most interesting, entertaining and brutal campaign perhaps in our history.

These four Titans can influence billions of dollars in campaign spending and they hold the keys to success of either President Obama or Mitt Romney, the most likely Republican candidate.

This week is a prime example of the Puppet Masters at their best as the liberal Titans made an early move to neutralize the conservatives.  It was broad based, well coordinated and did result in a few darts hitting their targets but it was far from a fatal blow.  Here is what took place.

The destruction of the twin pillars of the right, Rush Limbaugh & Sarah Palin

Make no mistake, the most important thing to the Chicago gang running the Obama campaign is the total destruction of the spokespeople of the conservative movement, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin.

This past week Palin was scheduled for termination from the political scene with the release of the HBO movie about her based on the research of the Game Change book by MSNBC contributors John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.

The movie was directed by Jay Roach of Austin Powers and The Little Fockers fame which makes him more than qualified to do a film on the 2008 political race.  His political leaning is obvious as this was his second venture to destroy the career of a conservative Republican.

He tried it first with Recount, a film attempting to show that George Bush stole the 2000 presidential election in Florida.  In spite multiple appearances by the writers defending the "fair and balanced" portrayal of Sarah Palin, early reviews, even by liberal leaning critics, find that hard to believe as the film was clearly another effort to trash Palin's career.

Yet to be determined is the role anyone from the Obama campaign played in making sure Palin was out of the political scene during this campaign with the release of the film, curiously just before Republicans will select the opponent to the president.

Since HBO is owned by liberal Time Warner and MSNBC is owned by GE, yes the same company that made $9 billion in one quarter and paid no federal taxes, it seems as if the Hollywood liberals have found a cause to unite them, the final destruction of Sarah Palin.

Ironically, the Obama campaign came out with a Hollywood puff piece. a  17 minute major motion picture on how Obama saved America since being elected, and released it at the same time the Sarah Palin film was being released.

Do you find it a little ironic that the same week Obama officially launches his presidential campaign, his people orchestrate a nationwide assault on Rush Limbaugh to destroy his credibility, the Obama campaign releases a major minor motion picture on the hero Obama who has solved all our problems, and his cohorts at MSNBC, HBO and Time Warner release a major motion picture doing a trash job on Palin?

The problem with Chicago politicians all the way back to the days of Al Capone is that they just don't know when to quit when it comes to defeating their opponents.  Look how the Chicago gang  botched up the Valentine's Day massacre by killing everyone, leaving no one to tell their story to the press.  What good is a great hit if no one knows it was your hit?

Chicago provided the winning margin for John Kennedy's election back in the Richard Daly days getting 100,000 votes for the soon to be president out of Chicago graveyards.

When Barak Obama first ran for US Senate he was behind in the Democrat primary and his opponent mysteriously withdrew from the race though he was leading in the polls and went to work for Goldman Sachs.

Again in the general election his Republican opponent, also leading at the time, also withdrew from the campaign and went to work for Goldman Sachs.  I guess it was no coincidence that Obama's first chief of staff and now mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, also worked for Goldman Sachs.

So it is not surprising that this week saw a major flurry of activity against Limbaugh and Palin that left Obama smiling and emboldened and must have the Axelrod gang giggling like, well Chicago politicians.  After all, Limbaugh with his millions of conservative followers was also a force standing in the way of Obama getting reelected.

At the same time Palin, a force with the Tea Party, conservatives and many women's groups, was the only Republican politician who really got under Obama's skin in 2008 and since and brought out his true colors.

Never had a presidential candidate like Obama spent his time attacking the vice presidential candidate, Palin, like he did.  She singlehandedly stood between him and an anti-Bush landslide which he felt was his birthright having attended Harvard, and she denied him the glory of an electoral landslide to push his agenda of change.

Woe are those who cross a Chicago political boss and isn't his campaign located in the Windy City and not the east coast?  Must be because Oprah lives there.

So how did their political assassination and character destruction campaigns against Limbaugh and Palin work out?

Well, after all the liberal media filled the airways with how Limbaugh had lost his credibility, had lost a staggering 50 advertising sponsors since he shot his mouth off about a college woman before apologizing twice, and it looked like he would have his show cancelled.

Once again the Obama boys just might have exaggerated a little and overplayed their hand a lot.  Maybe Limbaugh lost 50 advertisers, but they forgot to mention on all those fair and balanced news shows that he is broadcast on over 600 stations and has over 1,800 advertisers with a whole lot waiting in line because his show is sold out.

Who is going to fire Rush when he owns his own show?  He has a $400 million broadcasting contract that is only half complete and he made over $64 million last year alone.  Most important, he has over 20 million loyal fans who could care less what he might have said bad about some liberal.  They have watched too many liberals try to destroy Rush and Sarah.

Then there is Sarah Palin.

After four years of the meanest attacks, most vicious lies and dirty underhanded tricks to discredit her they have failed to silence the Alaskan Grizzly.  What the liberal media did to her will haunt them forever in the history books when the truth can be told.

They are fools to think anyone in the public will buy into the lie that Game Change was anything but a Palin trash job by Obama surrogates who were trying to keep the president's hands from getting too much dirt on them.

Palin still has her broadcasting job where she can still tell the truth about Obama.  She still lives in Alaska where the Chicago boys won't go though they have often sent their own surrogates to dig up dirt on Palin.  She still has her organization with millions of gun toting fans and grizzly mothers along with her PACs and other fund raising groups.

Just like Rush, she is laughing all the way to the bank as every Palin book outsells the books by Obama and his legions of book writing liberals calling for the takeover of America and the redistribution of America's wealth.

The Shadow Campaign Titan Team Players

This secret Shadow Campaign, in which the two teams are now fully exposed, pits Axelrod, a New York kid who grew up in the lower east side of Manhattan before moving to Chicago for college, and Plouffe, a Delaware native with a long history in liberal political campaigns, as the liberal Titans.

Representing the conservative cause are Limbaugh, who grew up in Missouri, attended college in Missouri and went on to fulfill his lifelong dream to be a radio personality and Sarah Palin, perhaps the most dissected political personality in existence who is still alive. Sarah is a hard nosed, basketball playing, gun toting, hunter, fisherman, bush pilot and politician from Alaska.

This is going to be a most interesting and entertaining campaign.

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