Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Letter to Ann Romney, wife of Mitt Romney


Over three years ago Barack Obama was sworn in as president of the greatest nation on earth at a difficult time in our history.

He promised hope.
He promised healing.
He promised change.

And the people of America gave him a chance to deliver.

But instead of hope he gave us fear.
Instead of healing he gave us class warfare.
Instead of change he gave us paralysis.

His were words of promise, such lofty and ideal words for a new and better future.  Now they have been given the test of time, and those inspirational words have been exposed as nothing more than the sham of political expediency so typical of our broken political system.

Barack Obama's promises were empty.

His strategy was divisive.
His actions failed to deliver.
In short, he failed America.

The people are the heart and soul of America and they deserve far better than being treated as pawns in an international chess game.  You see, the people are not pawns in a game of political partisanship and social engineering.

For President Obama the record is clear, and the record is dismal.  The conclusion is obvious.  His policies of division, exploitation and paralysis must end.

It is time he recognize the obvious.  His game has reached checkmate - his game is over.

The people will no longer accept being pawns in his game.  It is time he put his chess board away and go back home to Chicago or Hollywood.

So today the people of American have a clear choice.

When the dust settles on the Republican primary your husband Mitt Romney will be the last one standing.

Mitt is not a rock star or a celebrity, he is a gladiator prepared to roll up his sleeves and lead us through the difficult decisions we must make in order to restore America.

Once upon a time America was the dream of all people on earth.  Recapture the dream and you will stimulate the dreamers, those rugged patriots, entrepreneurs, pilgrims and freedom fighters, the melting pot called America.

In truth the vast majority of Americans reflect the richly diverse cultural background and diversity of those many generations who came to America as pioneers in the New World.  It is our duty to guarantee our beloved nation and people that the dream that made us strong will be there for future generations to keep us strong.

Your Mitt can restore the American dream and guide America through the dangerous waters and dark clouds of our present into our future.

Perhaps he doesn't have a warm and fuzzy image but what he does have is a determination of steel.  His style of leadership may not make him everyone's best friend but it most certainly will give us a tough chief executive and decisive commander in chief.

At this precarious point in the world and national affairs do we need a nice guy or a person of steel nerves and broad based experience?

Romney has been there.  He has proven what leadership means and how it can foster success.

After graduating from BYU and Harvard law and business graduate schools with high honors no one can question his education or the methods of leadership and success, or theorize about his philosophy of executive decision making.  He has demonstrated it over and over again.

Mitt proved that success does not come from New Age visualization but from the Old Age style of education and experience, of blood, sweat and tears, by fighting one battle after another, and climbing one step at a time.

Polarization, partisanship and cronyism have no place in politics or in oval offices.  That is what has tarnished the American dream and disappointed the American people.

Mitt was not a career politician, a special interest lobbyist, or a charter member of the smoke filled rooms in Washington and Chicago where political deals are hatched and political payoffs are expected.

All his life he demonstrated a love for the challenge of leadership and welcomed the responsibility for improving the lives of those around him.  It must have been a difficult task but one he was good at and his experience in the real world must have taught him a lot more than can be learned in the Halls of Congress or walls of an academic institution.

For example, he developed a strong faith in God, a strong family foundation and a strong desire to help and help not just a handful of friends, financial contributors or special interests but all people.

In the classic Midwest definition of "serving the public", that means transforming success into helping others and dedicating a few years of one's life to public service to help and serve all the people, not just a privileged few.

All must benefit from the fruits of their labor and realize the rewards of their success.

My question to the silent majority of Americans who don't complain, don't demand and don't expect favoritism is this.

Do you want lofty words or gritty determination?
Do you want empty promises or bold actions?
Do you want theoretical probability or proven experience?

We gave a young president full of bold promises a chance to prove he was true to his word. He could not deliver what he promised.  The lack of experience he brought with him as president proved more than promises are needed to understand our problems, to develop meaningful plans to attack those problems, and to direct the forces and resources of government in executing the plan and solving those problems.

Mitt Romney has the education, experience and achievements needed to guide our nation out of these difficult times.  He knows the price of leadership and the responsibilities of how to lead.  And he knows effective leadership cannot be achieved through ill-conceived plans by inexperienced people or a world view of America that is not shared by your fellow country men and women.

Mitt must ignore the nitpicking media or the political pundits and just be Mitt Romney, not some figment of a consultants imagination.  His strength is his resolve and his legacy is his years of unselfish performance.

We know he can figure out a way to fix the economy, immigration, education and energy issues because that is what a successful business executive can do while most politicians cannot be trusted to serve the public over special interests or their own interests.

Romney is not a professional politician.

He is a man that can be trusted.  He proved that to the people of Massachusetts, the Olympic movement, and many others what happens when you are trusted.  You succeed at solving the problems.

In the aftermath of the Super Tuesday primaries there is a stark lesson to be learned.  It seems that those who know your husband best, the people he and you as first lady served in Massachusetts when Mitt was governor and chief executive, gave him the greatest victory margin of the campaign with over 72% voting for Romney.

What do they know that we don't?

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