Friday, March 09, 2012

Remember the Japanese Earthquake - Mother Earth's Wake Up Call


A moment in time when the land and the seas cried out

It was one year ago Sunday, March 11, that a massive earthquake hit just off the shore of Japan triggering the worst natural disaster in modern history.  The ensuing tsunami and collateral damage to nuclear reactors and Japanese infrastructure will not be known for years.

What happened in the waters off the coast of Japan changed the course of history as it demonstrated the fallacies of mankind in concentrating energy production and manufacturing in one place, allowing one country to dominate the world auto parts manufacturing market, and demonstrated how a natural event could result in a worldwide economic crisis and a disruption in all international commerce.

Well Japan survived but the people of Japan will be victims for generations to come so on this first anniversary of the Japanese disaster we would all do well to remember the victims in our prayers and urge our leaders to learn of our potential vulnerabilities from a natural disaster and prepare for it.


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