Wednesday, March 07, 2012

There's Something About Sarah - Just Ask CNN Who Couldn't Get Enough of Her


Sarah Palin gives CNN talking heads something to talk about

It was like a surreal scene from an old Fellini film.  CNN just cut to a voting area in Alaska to cover the state caucus as part of the Super Tuesday coverage of ten states.  Just as the field reporter was starting his report, and you can imagine who would get assigned to Alaska from the CNN team, out of the voting booth behind him comes none other than our favorite Thorn in the Side of the Obama gang, Sarah Palin.

The reporter was stunned and not a little awe struck but kept his senses enough to actually question Palin without asking her if she was carrying a gun.  Well you know how timid those liberals from the lower 48 can be.  Still he asked her about her vote, she refused to tell him, and about what she thought of the election.

As Palin started in with a comprehensive analysis of the campaign, the fair and balanced team of 8 Democrats and 2 half Republicans back in CNN election headquarters suddenly realized the impossible had happened, they had Sarah live on national television, a joy only Fox News has enjoyed since the liberals left her under the train for dead.

In seconds the gang in the studio were firing questions at Palin.  It must be a liberals dream to try and catch Sarah off guard and unprepared on camera at a moment like this, sort of the Katie Couric gotcha all over again.

But this was not the Sarah Palin of old who had to fight off friends and foes alike to gain a prominent and all to often hated place in our national debate.  You see, there is just something about Sarah Palin that simply drives President Obama and his liberal legions out of their minds.

They tried their best to catch her with a gotcha question like why can't Romney capture the conservatives to which she replied every one of the Republican candidates is far more conservative than President Obama and would receive widespread support from the conservatives, independents and even disgruntled democrats if Romney were running against Obama.

Next they tried to get her to condemn Republicans for not speaking out enough against the Rush Limbaugh fuss and she pointed out she was the target for the same kind of abuse over and over again during and after the 2008 presidential election.  No liberals came to her defense and demanded the liberal making the statements apologize or asking advertisers to stop supporting the liberal cable shows.

Finally she said Rush apologizing twice seemed more than enough to end the discussion.

Again they tried to bait her into a discussion of contraceptives to which she said the American people are fed up with the media and Democrat efforts to focus the campaign on condoms and contraceptives.  She talked about how the women she knew were worried far more about the economy, unemployment, their kids and their kid's future than some nonsense about contraceptives.

No matter how hard they tried to trap her she just smiled and turned the question to her agenda about the sorry state of the economy, the socialization of Washington, DC and the precarious nature of foreign affairs.

For several minutes she held them at bay and mesmerized them with her knowledge of world affairs, economic issues and current events. Even I must admit Sarah is much improved in handling the press and discussing any issue they may throw at her.

When the interview ended several of the Palin haters on the panel had to comment on how well she handled the interview, how much she has matured on her knowledge of issues, and how strong and confident she sounded speaking as a leader trying to unite the Republican party.

Thanks to Palin taking the time to talk to a network that has consistently trashed her in most of their stories about her, she showed a degree of class the liberal media has never shown her.

The last question they asked was if she was still available if the Republican nomination was undecided heading into the national convention.  She smiled, laughed and the former Republican vice-presidential candidate told the CNN reporter she would “seriously consider whatever I can do to help our country” when asked if she would agree to being put forward if the party faced a brokered convention.

The Tea Party darling also indicated she would consider running in the 2016 presidential race, if asked.

"Anything in this life, in this world is possible. Anything is possible for an American. I don't discount any idea or plan that, at this point, isn't in my control. Anything's possible,” she said.

Of course the CNN gang, in need of something interesting to talk about while waiting endlessly for election returns, interpreted her message to be she would run for president if asked.  That was not what I heard her say.  What I heard was far more ominous for Barack Obama.  I think she was saying she would be happy to help the Republican candidate try to get the Obama administration out of office.

Palin could easily neutralize any damage done to the party over the religious freedom, contraception and condom issue by refocusing the debate on issues she believes are far more important to women, individual freedom, the economy and gas prices.

Obama's Chicago gang could once again underestimate Sarah Palin if they push her too hard while trying to interfere in the Republican primary process. Perhaps the next song President Obama will be singing will be the blues classic, Obama's Got the Wailing Palin Blues.

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