Friday, March 16, 2012

CPT Pointers - Digging for the Truth


Politicians make finding the truth a full time occupation it seems. Now I am an equal opportunity critic so any old politician is included whether democrat, republican, independent, christian, catholic or prostitute.

Thus the need for CPT Pointers - our effort to send you in the general direction of truth. Today we have a couple of subjects raised by Obama supporters and members of MSNBC, the Left wing of the White House.

Preacher Man Al Sharpton - My Man

First we have the wanna be spokesperson for the 99% of Americans who aren't filthy rich, the Obama decription for middle class America, and that mouthpiece for you and me is none other than the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Have you heard him on TV promos talking about "us", the 99% of middle class America? Of course he also says Republicans are the 1% of Americans. Come on Preacher Man, does Divine Providence really let you get away with white lies like that?

You say Republicans represent the 1% yet the truth is 30% of the nation's registered voters are Republicans, while another 28% are Independents, leaving 42% Democrat. Now if nearly 60% of the voters are not Democrat how can you represent 99% of the middle class. Fact is I know a number of Democrats who cringe when I ask them about you being their mouthpiece for the election.

In addition, I have never seen a Republican with blueberry pie all over their face like you say on television. Please keep the racial profiling to yourself and the Obama campaign.

Lawrence O'Donnell and the Academic Elite

Yet another MSNBC announcer who was quick to trash Romney for his Bain Capital connections before having to admit that Bain Capital is a partner in NBC ownership, his boss.

Now Lawrence has a tv promo talking about how a college education is the most important thing for the future of America. That's nice. He tells us how at the end of World War II only 6% of the American work force had college degrees, but thanks to the GI bill that number rose to 20% of the population.

Today 26% of the workers have a college degree. So the way I read that is after billions of dollars in government tuition and billions more in endowment grants to schools in the last 66 years 20% more of our workforce now has degrees.

Seems he's promoting other things close to him 

Of course I am all for education but it may not be the sole reason America does not lead the world any longer. I mean everyone admits that America rose to a superpower between 1946 and 1960 and then became the only superpower by 1990.

That would mean about 80% of the American workforce that built America into a superpower did not have college degrees. Sometimes those who think of themselves as "intellectuals" should thank the 75% who aren't, those who do the work, create the innovations and pay the taxes so the elitists can do their thing.

If all it took was more money, and we spend more money by far on education and health care than any other nation, then why do we not have the best education and health care in the world?

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