Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obamaville March 20 - This and that among other things.


Mexican Earthquake

Mexico just got hit by a 7.4 earthquake. Somehow the jolt south of the border caused the CNN earthquake expert weatherman in Atlantato suffer a near global meltdown. There are a number of good anchors and weather people on TV but if you take away their prepared script on the teleprompter and ask them to extemporaneous fill in forget get it, their brain wiring shorts out.

While video feeds were being uploaded from the Mexican danger zone the weatherman suddenly ran out of teleprompter and forced to use his powers, knowledge and skills, he stammered. Then he started rambling away on his personal unscripted philosophy on how deep is a deep earthquake, this one was just 12 miles deep. When he could not remember the strength of the 2010 Haiti earthquake (it was 7.0), I changed channels.

Keystone Pipeline

As I wrote in earlier articles, this pipeline was not going away. Today President Obama reversed the Administration's earlier rejection of the pipeline and approved the construction of the southern section of the controversial line and indicated when the final route is submitted it may be approved. There is still a way to fast track approval and get Obama off the hook before the election and that is to give the Pipeline conditional approval pending submission of the remaining items.

World Affairs

Russia has now sent their version of Green Berets to Syria and the few who have noticed it have no clue what is going to happen. Not long ago I wrote that Putin was the key to bringing an end to potential war in the Middle East in Syria and Iranand that I expected Chinato lean on them as well in order to defuse the crisis.

I believe these elite troops are not in Syriato protect the President but to stop the President from further violence against the people. It was my view that once Putin was re-elected on March 4 and the election certified so much as possible, he could become the international peacemaker and steal the favorable ratings from Sarkozy, Obama or other international figures.

At the same time there is evidence Russia and China under President Hu Jintao are leaning on Iranto cooperate with nuclear inspections and for North Korea to negotiate a nuclear arrangement with the west. If they are successful they will rapidly elevate Russia and China in world opinion which some people in the US will consider a threat.

Where I come from you encourage people to negotiate peace whether you agree with them or not in other matters. Foreign policy has gotten so crazy that the State Department must revise the enemies list every week or two.

Today is the Illinois primary, the state where four former governors are retired in jail. That is about all I have to say about it.

One wonders how Newt is going to be the conservative savior when he spends so much time visiting historic sites and not campaigning.

Romney will win.

Federal Budget

Paul Ryan of Wisconsin should get an award as the bravest person in congress as he released his second annual federal budget and long term economic recovery plan. No other member of congress has put his career and reputation on the line proposing ways to save America from debt and deficits.  No Democrat or Republican.

It took about three seconds for Democrats to denounce the budget as Satan's offspring without looking at it or having any intention of telling the truth about it. The President presents an annual budget that never gets approved by congress and the Senate has not approved a budget for about three years.

Ryan offers tax cuts, tax adjustments, tax reform, entitlement reform, and contrary to his critics, he has no intention of destroying senior medical protection programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

To those trashing the Ryan budget, where is your alternative???

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