Monday, March 26, 2012

Obamaville March 26 - The Preacher Man and President


Santorum borrows "Obamaville" for campaign video while raging against Romney

Today Preacher Man Rick Santorum released a new video about Obama called, "Obamaville" perhaps borrowing the name used by the Coltons Point Times regular political column for over two years.

Over the weekend the Preacher Man, who is starting to rage like John the Baptist on Prozac, took another step toward political oblivion when he said Romney was the worst possible Republican to run against Obama.  Now what kind of party loyalty does that indicate?  Once upon a time the party candidates pledged to support whoever won the nomination.

It seems in the modern world of politics, at least as far as the Preacher Man (Santorum) and the Professor (Gingrich) are concerned, the new model of candidate decorum is if I lose I'm taking you down with me.  Of course these loose cannons are being encouraged by Obama's gang from Chicago but neither see themselves as being used by Obama as they are above truth and reproach.

Obama Caught Promising Russia if they get him elected he will have more flexibility to cut deals

Then there is our President Obama who is over in South Korea and was caught on tape talking to outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and telling him to remind newly elected Russian President Vladimir Putin that this is an election year and if they help him get reelected he will have much more flexibility after the election to work out a deal involving Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Of course foreign involvement in the American presidential election is illegal but such barriers never seem to bother the Obama gang.  Here at the CPT will pointed out weeks ago that Putin was the key to negotiating peace in Syria, Iran and North Korea and now was the time to encourage the Russian leader.  At least the Obama people seem to be reading the CPT but his effort to get help behind the scenes from the Russians toward getting reelected seems to go way beyond legitimate foreign policy to manipulating the American political system.

Fancy that, a politician manipulating the political system.  Obama has proven quite adept at that so one should not be surprised.  I also doubt Putin would be the least bit fooled into helping Obama get reelected.

Obama campaigns for Keystone Pipeline - maybe?

In yet another public relations attempt to deceive the public Obama was out campaigning last week and said he would speed up approval of the lower part of the Keystone Pipeline, the same pipeline he rejected a few weeks ago.  Of course Obama has no chance of getting reelected if he continues to  oppose the pipeline as gas prices have now reached $3.90 a gallon and it is not even close to the summer driving season.

When Obama took office gas was $1.84 a gallon meaning it has more than doubled during his watch.  On the more important diesel cost, which fuels all the over the road trucks and most of the buses in America, the cost was $2.27 when Obama was elected and now is $4.21, an increase of $1.85.

Of course the White House mouthpieces say no one can do anything about gas prices overnight so we can't blame Obama yet Obama blamed President Bush for the price increases when Bush was president and Obama a candidate.  Guess that is fair play to the Chicago gang.

More important, no one expected Obama to do anything overnight.  What we did expect is that with total control of the House and Senate when he first got elected, why didn't he do something during the three years he has already been president when Congress could not have stopped him?

Now he can't do anything until after the election because he made too many promises to the environmental activists who helped get him elected four years ago.  Watch for him to sell out the green movement if he gets reelected as political expediency has always been a more forceful policy tool than public good for this administration.

The energy independence movement and Keystone Pipeline are  positions advocated by the CPT since before Obama was elected the first time.  We viewed them as crucial in order to start the long process of actually doing something positive to reduce our foreign dependence on oil and our slavery to the energy futures market.

President Obama must decide whether he will cross the bridge toward responsible energy management or continue double crossing the bridge as he now seems to advocate.  We will see if he adopts the CPT positions of energy independence and lower gas prices or decides, once reelected, that he is free to finish killing off the oil industry and make the big green fat cats the new power brokers and privileged class.

That is the true result of his redistribution of wealth philosophy.  Take from the old rich to make his buddies the new rich.

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