Thursday, March 08, 2012

Obamaville March 8 - A Full Moon and Sun Spot Attack


Maybe God doesn't like our national debate

I'm one of those people who is always looking for signs to point the way to one's destiny.  It may not be a big sign either, like pulling the magical sword Excalibur from a stone the way young Arthur did to become the Once and Future King Arthur.

At an early age I also learned to balance my passions of hope with skepticism to protect myself from too much disappointment. Mark Twain was my foundation with his wit and wisdom like "everyone's entitled to their own silly opinions."

So I now describe myself as a "cautious optimist" when it comes to human evolution, and an outright pessimist when it comes to human motivation.  It just seems we have pretty much lost our foundation for values and principles.

What used to be good is now judged to be obsolete.  What used to be immoral is now the new status quo.  Movies that used to be R rated for restricted and were banished to the theaters are now on cable television daily.

In today's world pornography, which used to be banned from the public, is now downloaded through the Internet into your very home with no moral compass or consequence.

When I grew up there were only two publicly available places you could find pictures of naked women, either National Geographic Magazine or the old man's Playboy if you could find where he hid it.  In fact National Geographic was about 100 years ahead of the education system in teaching sex education to kids.

All the old crooked siding salesmen, window salesmen, used car salesmen, vacuum salesmen and encyclopedia salesmen have now evolved into direct marketing by phone, Internet spam, and Internet fraud and thanks to modern technology the crooks can operate about 1000 times faster.

Anyway, you get the message.  There just might be some truth to the speculation that the loss of morality could lead to the End Times when the Creator decides to terminate the human experiment, maybe again (think Noah's Ark), and hits the erase button on Plant Earth.

Well according to the Bible what really makes the Creator upset is when people refuse to acknowledge the work of Jesus or make sacrilegious statements about Jesus.  Those people can get erased in a big hurry.

Lately in the dark world of politics a lot has been made of some pretty incendiary moral issues like abortion, contraception, gay marriages, sexual promiscuity, and the like and a lot of heated statements have been made by both sides of the issues.

After some of the things I've heard, I can't imagine the Creator can't be more than a little upset that the creation on Earth might be getting out of hand again.  But being the Supreme Being, it is hard for the Omnipotent One to annihilate all life forms just to teach a few lost souls a lesson.

No, there has to be something a little less dramatic than Noah's flood to teach a lesson to all those humans who strayed from the path.  In the infinite wisdom of the Creator he also surmised that it really wasn't most people indulging in the moral corruption of mankind but a handful of soulless radicals strategically placed.

Like in politics.  Like in sports.  Like in religion.  Like in hospitals.  Like in the banks and Wall Street.  Like in our face every day and night on the television.

So what was needed was a small sign to make a big impression on those few indulged in the moral destruction of mankind.  Remember, most people are followers, not leaders.  The enemies of morality are those deciding how mankind can be manipulated, and then they go out and do it.  They view their job as leading the masses through deception or any  means necessary into the dark.

So I watch the debates, the vitriol language, the personal and bitter attacks, and the endless opinions and analysis from the politicians and news media, and I say this might be a good time for a little Divine intervention to shut up the blabbering fools and silence the wolves.

If I were the Creator seeking a small sign to get the right people's attention, something so powerful you can't miss it but so targeted only the worst of the moral thieves would be hurt, I think I've got the answer.


With the Sun an average of 93 million miles from Earth, it is visible through satellites but can't fry the earth if a little exhibition of power takes place.  So I set off some rather big solar explosions and aim them at the Earth.

When aimed directly at Earth, X-class solar flares can endanger astronauts and satellites in orbit, interfere with satellite communications and damage power grids on Earth. They can also amplify the Earth's display of northern and southern lights, also known as auroras.

Of course here in America, the land of plenty and then some, these huge clouds of charged particles — called coronal mass ejections, or CMEs - erupting from the solar flares, can have a much more interesting impact than most places.

Here we are psychologically addicted to multiple forms of electro magnetic toys like cells phones, GPS tracking systems, notebooks, video phones, wireless signals, credit cards, ATM cards and all the other things we have to distract us, please us, entertain us, manage our money and tell us where to go.

My little miracle, firing off a few big solar flares, can disrupt those technology toys that weren't even in existence 100 years ago.  When some of the people of earth suddenly can't use their cell phone, or text, or find their way to the nearest pizza joint, or realize their car won't start or tell them where to go, that will get attention.

So 36 hours ago a couple of x class solar eruptions exploded on the Sun.  Yesterday the government finally decided to warn us of the potential electro magnetic impact of the solar flares on earth, and all of the above were mentioned as possibilities.

We will know today.  But we also know that a series of bigger and bigger solar flares or storms are taking place every month and will continue to build until the end of 2013.  At some point the electrical devices will fail and the electrical grid could even collapse.

You don't think this act of God could have anything to do with the assault on God, religious freedom and moral proclivity taking place do you?

Maybe the Hopi, the Mayan and the Bible writers had a little more inspired insight than we may want to think!

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