Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tim Tebow joins Jeremy Lin as Christians in NYC Coliseum


Casting is complete - Mayan Armageddon Set for NYC

Later this year, on December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar ends signaling to many the End of Times, or Armageddon in biblical terms for mankind.  Just in time for this greatest of all dramas Divine Providence has again demonstrated a preference for sports by moving mountains so to speak to demonstrate His might.

First a few weeks ago he snatched Jeremy Lin from his cousin's couch and cast him in a starring role with the Knicks.  A few weeks later the coach was fired and now the Knicks, with Lin, are settling into becoming a real team.

Somewhere along the way Lin was noticed praising the Lord for his opportunity to perform on the world's biggest sports stage and the success he has achieved in a few short weeks.

The fact Lin evolved from obscurity in the NBA to the front pages at the same time Tim Tebow was evolving from obscurity in the NFL to the front pages was a decisive indicator of the spiritual interest in these two "angels of the light" shall we say.

Yet that was not enough to give the Creator proper leverage as we approach the final End of Time because Tebow was doing his spiritual thing in the much smaller Denver media market while Lin had the task in the Sodom and Gomorra monster media market.

Apparently the Creator sent St. Michael in to renegotiate what was necessary to unite the two Christian gladiators in the den of sin, New York City, so all the world would know their every move.

Mike just had to remove one of the greatest quarterbacks in football from his team, Peyton Manning from the Indianapolis Colts, and get Denver to acquire him, which they did, thus allowing Denver to trade Tim Tebow.

Mike then stunned the sports world by getting a deal done with the New York Jets for Tebow, before most people knew the Jets were even interested.

Suddenly NYC, the New Jerusalem to many Bible readers, will have the two most talked about Christian athletes in the world showcased this fall when they are cast into the NYC Coliseums, Madison Square Garden and Jets Stadium, before the toughest fans and meanest media in the world.

Just in time for the end of the Mayan calendar December 21, 2012.

Ironically, when both became Poster Players for God over the winter they also became close friends and they both expressed delight they would be in NYC together doing the work of the Lord.

As if having the front line of defense (Lin and Tebow) against the ravages of evil is not enough, there are also rumors that yet another media superstar may be part of the equation as Tim has been seen socially with Taylor Swift, the rather unconventional queen of country music.

Perhaps this whole effort by Divine Providence is just a test for the ad and public relations agencies of NYC who have proven to be masters of the dark side, think how they protected Wall Street, corporate crime, pornography, and all the myths and lies in such professions as medical, money and war.

Now they are going to have to deal with two twin pillars of Christianity and neither is a loud mouth preacher or hypocritical zealot.

I'd say Michael the Archangel pulled off some pretty slick negotiations to get both Lin and Tebow onto the front and back pages of New York media just in time for the Mayan Armageddon.

For the first time the Christians might just have a chance on the coliseum floor.  Much of the media, particularly those lacking faith, will have a difficult time trashing these Christian warriors.  The millions of New Yorkers who love an underdog, because most people in NYC are underdogs compared to Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue and Wall Street folks, have now got two heroes.

And somewhere up in Heaven the Creator is probably getting a good chuckle with Michael and the other archangels now that their missionaries are in NYC just before the End Times.  You see the Mayans are probably there too and they all know the truth about the Mayan calendar.  When they started carving the calendar they just had too small of a stone.  The rest of time is on the second Mayan calendar.

Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow - serve your Creator well and win a few for the home team.  In serving, you will reap the important rewards for your toils, the eternal spiritual retirement program in the Eternal Kingdom where media and politics don't exist.

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