Friday, November 03, 2006

Television – America’s Contribution to the Inventors Hall of Shame

Thank God we now have about a thousand choices to watch on digital television. Long ago the big boys, you know the ones so rich in tradition they don’t even need names like ABC, NBC and CBS, decided Americans would watch just about anything no matter how stupid it might be. I trace the decline in the American education system to the deterioration of programming on television. The biggest contribution of TV in America is to support education and make sure our machine-made, pattern-stamped, assembly-line minds are churned out.

TV news stopped being news long ago. The weathermen are members of a secret society dedicated to increasing the frustration and anxiety of fellow Americans with their space age equipment, precarious predictions of doom and gloom just over the horizon, and their idiotic forecasts. Every time I hear a scientific forecast I cheer for Mother Nature to show them up.

Maybe the weathermen should predict the election outcome? Their faulty forecasts would be right at home with the political polling. You do know polls are a way for the so-called experts to blame wrong information on someone else. When it comes to accuracy, don’t look for it on television. Come to think of it don’t look for education, entertainment, inspiration, religion or anything else on TV.

Can you believe that in the final analysis we, you and I, are responsible for all the garbage shoved down our throats every day and night on the tube. Oh yes, accept the blame because we the people, the enlightened voters of the USA, elect the people who control the airways and license the TV and radio stations to force feed us the very stuff we complain about.

And isn’t it strange that the most powerful force in America, television, the most powerful force around the world for that matter, is the result of the government licensing air to broadcast companies dedicated to polluting our minds. Selling air - what a gas.

Of course the broadcasters then turn around and re-sell the same air back to the politicians who sold them their license for air and in the process bring us the one million TV political commercials that were broadcast this fall at a cost of tens of millions of dollars not to mention the mental stability of the nation. Television addiction should be at the top of the list of dangerous addictions but you never hear about any rehab, support groups or interventions to stop this addiction.

So I guess there is a way to save the environment by saving energy, save the children by changing their mental diet, save our reputation in the world and save ourselves in the process, just turn off the TV. If we don’t the stupidification of America will continue unabated.

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