Friday, November 03, 2006

Rumors and Ruminations

It is not true that the new lighthouse on the shore in front of the new Bailey house is the result of the million dollar fundraising for a new lighthouse. And the chairs are chained down to protect them from floods, not thieves.

Though about a hundred construction trucks have been making their way down Beach Road to Nicks’ Place he is not building a Hanger Club South, nor a mausoleum to rival the pyramids, but just a little country cottage with a stunning view of DC.

And Nancy, who lives down by our postage stamp beach and recently got a pacemaker, does not stand in front of the microwave with the door open and turn it on for kicks.

Now Doris Hammett may very well be closing in on her goal of setting a Guinness World Record for finishing jigsaw puzzles but she is not the matriarch of the thousands of Hammetts in Southern Maryland. On the other hand, we are encouraging her to open an offensive driving school for seniors.

By the way, Hillbilly Joe wonders if you can you really believe an authority on world records (Guinness) when it was started by a 248 year old beer brewery in Dublin, Ireland? And aren’t they the ones who find such difficulty sorting fact from fiction laddie?

Stevie Van Zany, the guitar playing weekender on the south side did not remove much of his overgrown maze because his wife Linda got lost in it for days though she is entirely capable of doing such a thing. On the other hand, he grew up on the western shore of the Bay so in spite of being a weekender he still makes a killer crab ball.

And finally, Americans do celebrate the Mexican holiday Dia De Muertos, Day of the Dead, November 1-2, not so much because we understand the holiday but because tequila is the fastest growing drink in the USA and that is reason enough to party.

You got a rumor or rumination let us know.

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