Friday, November 03, 2006

More Coltons Personalities

The Salon Proprietor

Bren the Greek sounds like the name of some ancient Greek literary classic. Like our modern day Bren says, “nothing ancient about this Greek tragedy”, which Hillbilly Joe interprets as meaning life with Duke Deere, her lesser half, is just as hair-raising as anything Homer said Odysseus ever did.

Speaking of hair-raising, our Bren even has a salon, though not the kind with two “oo”s, but she’s still learning the piano so she can entertain. You ever need a cool coiffure, or maybe to delay the gray, check out the salon with one “o”. And if you ever need a conversation fix she’s the one. New England born she gives you twenty words per dozen.

The Saloon Proprietor

Now Quiet George is master of the saloon with two “oo”s and where the Greek would never suffer from being tongue-tied, seems like Quiet George hardly ever gets his tongue untied. Quiet George has the only commercial establishment allowed in our Colony of Coltons Point. It must be historical cause it hasn’t changed in decades, the building, d├ęcor and even stuff on the shelves is pretty much what’s always been there along with most of the patrons.

George’s bar might be called the Arrow Beer joint because that is the only sign around. There is also a general store called Potomac Gardens and Post Office in George’s place with the Gardens being somewhat self-service. George must figure if you can find anything in there you need you can take it. Outsiders sliding up to the bar better not need a shoulder to cry on or expect the bartender to tell them everything going on as one syllable George will be behind the bar. America had Calvin Coolidge, known for extraordinarily short answers, and we have Quiet George. Quiet, that is, unless he knows you.

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