Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Late Breaking Election Updates!

John Kerry stepped out of the closet, open his mouth, jammed in his foot, and promptly was thrown back in the closet in the Democrats latest attempt at positioning themselves for Election Day. Bush responded but no one knows what he meant. They all should apologize for the mud wrestling of this campaign.

The mud being slung has gotten so thick that if people had a choice on the ballot to “throw the whole lot out” we wouldn’t need to worry about either the Republicans or Democrats running the country into the ground.

If the campaign continues at the horrid level of today the only immigration problem the new congress needs worry about is how to stop everyone from fleeing the country.

Here in Maryland the integrity of the vote counting is so shaky we might not know the final outcome until the 2008 Presidential election. Do Marylander votes count? Who knows?

Nielsen television rating for the recent World Series hit the lowest point ever, mostly because no one wanted to hear the avalanche of demeaning campaign ads between innings.

Incumbents beware – Jerry Springer got thrown off the Dance show, you may be next.

Hillbilly Joe says the biggest loser this election is the truth.

Dogman says the whole damn bunch of politicians are losers.

Duke says we are the disenfranchised Americans but Duke is from Maine, as in Stephen King Maine, and being disenfranchised there is a genetic given.

Will the pain never end?

Let’s just hope our Constitution once again is strong enough to survive the floundering political leadership of our nation. Thank you Founding Fathers.

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