Friday, August 28, 2015

Hillary slings mud with the best of Men - Calls Pro Life "terrorists" as she condones the harvesting and sale of Body Parts by Planned Parenthood!


While The New  York Times highlights lies and hides the truth!

Apparently the threat of a progressive Dream Team of Biden and Warren challenging her in the Democratic primary has brought on a change of strategy and a corresponding loss of common sense in Hillary as the newly threatened campaign of Clinton for president has suddenly out trumped the Trump for the day.

Between Hillary calling the Pro Life movement terrorists, and the New York Times reporting how the Hispanic media calls Trump "Hitler," on page one no less, the liberal left seems to have gone, well berserk, over the fact the people are beginning to see the truth about the socialist agenda.

First of all, the many allegations reported in the NYT were shades of yellow journalism.  Trump does not wear a toupee, as stated by Ricardo Sánchez, and he is not "the loudest voice for intolerance, hatred, and division in the United States," as stated by Jorge Ramos.

The fact the Times reported these are two of the most influential people in Hispanic media in America, is a sad commentary on the way the Democratic party has brainwashed the Hispanic people in America.

The Times forget to mention that Ramos's daughter works for the Hillary Clinton campaign, a clear conflict of interest.  His manner was rude, his intent was to embarrass Trump, and his result was to make the entire left media look stupid.

Mr. Ramos, who earlier this month delivered a searing indictment of Donald, called him “the loudest voice of intolerance, hatred and division in the United States,” hardly the words of an objective journalist.

Ramos went on to say, “This is personal, and that’s the big difference between Spanish-language and mainstream media, because he’s talking about our parents, our friends, our kids and our babies,” Mr. Ramos said in a telephone interview.

Why do the Hispanics even associate with the liberal left when they have been used and abused for years?

On July 27, 2015, the liberal PBS Frontline program reported the following:

"Last week, the Mexican government released new data showing that between 2007 and 2014 — a period that accounts for some of the bloodiest years of the nation’s war against the drug cartels — more than 164,000 people were victims of homicide.  Nearly 20,000 died last year alone, a substantial number, but still a decrease from the 27,000 killed at the peak of fighting in 2011."

The vast majority of these people killed along the US and Mexican border got murdered while Obama was president.  What did the Obama administration do to stop the massacres on the border when the drugs were coming to the USA?

Speaking of Obama, who can forget the bold promise to the Hispanic community in 2008, that he would have a comprehensive immigration bill his first year in office?  Thanks to the Hispanic vote he became president.

Here we are, seven years later, and the Democrats are still the champions of the Hispanics, with no immigration bill.

"Despertar los hispanos, los demócratas que damos por sentado."

"Wake up Hispanics, the Democrats take you for granted."

In the interest of equality, there are no guarantees the Republicans can do much better but they are not the ones who made all the empty promises.

My plea is for everyone to seek out the truth, trust no one from media to politicians, and reward results, not empty promises.

As for The New York Times, giving front page coverage to a bunch of political hacks and calling it responsible journalism is a huge joke.  Calling a special interest spokesman like Jorge Ramos "the Walter Cronkite of the Hispanic community" is an insult to American history and journalism.

Walter would have known both Hispanic journalists hated Trump, he would have been insulted the NYT called one of them "Walter Cronkite" without divulging his daughter worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign, and he would have disapproved a reporter making political statements at a news conference instead of asking questions.

In Hillary's case, she has no business accusing those who value life of being the same as Islamic terrorists, while defending those in women's health care who are under investigation for harvesting human embryos and selling organs from fetuses.  It is wrong, a very sick policy position to advocate when you are running for president, and a very direct contribution to inflaming hatred in the country.

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