Monday, August 24, 2015

Wall Street Greed to Propel Progressive Dream Team into Presidential Race - Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren


As Wall Street greed continues to manipulate the stock markets for the sole purpose of generating even more wealth for the wealthy, the result should be a dire consequence to the wealthy, and brokers who feed the insatiable appetite of the wealthy.

The obvious result to those not blinded by greed is that the door is now wide open for a Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren ticket that could capture the populist disgust with Wall Street and sweep them to victory next year.

Look at the facts.  Obama came into office on the heels of a take over of the world economy by Wall Street and the Central Bankers.  Since Obama was already in the pocket of big money, he did nothing to protect us from future manipulation by the wealthy and they thrived during his entire two terms in office.

Instead of throwing them in jail, he rewarded them with bailouts saving the rich billions of dollars while costing the public trillions of dollars.  An incompetent media and even more incompetent economic analysts ignored the threat and fed the beast enabling our current economic manipulation on the eve of Obama's departure.

In time, the truth will come out, probably when Obama gets $500,000 speaking fees like Hillary and Bill Clinton, thus showing again how big money trumps big government when it comes to the bottom line.

Well Hillary is one of them, the fat cats, and she has done nothing to prove she is not.  Even her efforts to appear to take the advice of Elizabeth Warren, were nothing but a political sideshow to con the voters, but people sense her motives.  Why else do the majority of voters not trust her?

As for Elizabeth Warren, she is the number one enemy of big business, the wealthy, and the fat cats because she was an Obama Administration insider, saw the carnage they could cause, and refused to be a party to the rape of the American taxpayer by resigning.

The progressive left has been desperately trying to make her into their poster girl but to do so will seriously impair her ability to win.  This is a moment of common sense for the progressive movement.

Forty-three percent of Americans refuse a conservative or progressive label.  Just thirty percent of voters lean Democratic and twenty-six percent lean Republican.  As I mentioned in previous articles, over fifty percent of the eligible voters refuse to be a part of the system so deep is their disgust with the electoral process.

Still, neither the Democrat nor Republican base has the votes to elect a ticket on their own.  If Elizabeth Warren allows the progressive elements of her party to hijack her candidacy by declaring her a left wing fanatic rather than a concerned American, she probably will not win.  There is absolutely no reason for her to allow such a tragedy.

Warren and her battle against the rich is like Joan of Arc taking on the English army.  In the end, she won her battle but lost her life in the process.  Warren could have both because the Independents and substantial members of both parties are fed up with the rich, yet are suspicious of the progressive agenda because Obama failed to show how it works.  In fact, he left a bad taste  for socialism in the mouths of the public and there is no place for socialism in America.

Joe Biden offers the perfect vehicle for Warren, to get into a position to rein in the dastardly rich and powerful.  Good old Joe, while a loyal Vice President to Obama, managed to distant himself from the liberal-progressive heap of Obama staff, those who went too far in trying to change America into a socialist paradise.

Joe Biden opposed the president on policies, he disagreed with the way Obama ignored congress and the Republicans, and he was never in the back pocket of big business like Obama or Hillary.

He is electable as president, and by having Elizabeth Warren as Vice President, he could help her take on the wealthy in a non-partisan way to benefit all Americans.

If Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren ran as a ticket committed to serving all Americans, not just the progressives, or Democrats, then America could benefit, polarization would end, and big business kicked out of controlling the government, the money supply, and the world.

As a result, Biden would get his reward for all those years of loyal service, he would fulfill the last request of his son to run for president, and Joan of Arc would be in a position to not just win the battle against the enemy, but win the war.

Besides, when was the last time we saw a genuine laugh of joy from our president, saw him enjoying the people he served, or share a beer with a Republican?  Good old Joe always had time for all the people.  

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, Americans for all Americans, it does have a nice ring.

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