Friday, August 21, 2015

Banks and Brokers bank big bucks as Little People get Played - Again!


Once again it was the individual investor excluded from the buy and sell and buy action that sent shock waves through the financial markets today, because once again the computers took over the stock markets with programmed selling forcing the market into an unexpected correction and creating a mountain of opportunities for the computers to profit in any recovery.

By now, most informed people know the American stock markets serve no public interest, fail to do what they were intended to do, and act to feed their wealthy owners even more wealth.  It is a vicious cycle begun in earnest with the last major stock market crash in 2009, and it operates at a level of legal, but immoral corruption that the Obama administration has never fixed.

It was back in 2008 I warned that Goldman Sachs owned candidate Obama much like they owned President Clinton when he needed millions of dollars to pay his legal fees during his impeachment.

Once he got elected Goldman people were placed throughout Obama's administration and controlled all fiscal policy of the government.  As it became clear billions of dollars were going to be lost only the two major banks who supported Obama in 2008 received virtually all the money they had at risk, an amount totaling billions of dollars, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan.

Here we are, seven years since the economic crash that cost consumers trillions of dollars in wealth and not a single banker behind the economic manipulation was prosecuted, or wound up in prison.. This is the same pattern they perfected with the Clintons by providing millions for Bill's legal defense fund to save him from impeachment, then arranging for hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees, and helping his rather mysterious Clinton Foundation.

Hillary is the most recent recipient of the Goldman purse strings as Bill and Hillary have now received over $23 million in speaking fees.

Well Goldman and Morgan will no doubt benefit from the stock market crash, what the pros call a correction, since some of those massive computers are theirs.  In the meantime, the average person in America will lose 10% more of their wealth while the bank boys make 10% more on their manipulations.

Once upon a time such practices landed executives in jail but no more under the Obama administration.  Perhaps one day, people will realize that it really does not matter whether a politician is a conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, they are all owned by the rich and only the rich and their political stooges are getting richer.

After the collapse this week the market is down 10% and the professional economists blame it on China, North Korea, excess oil inventories, the wavering of the Fed on cutting interest rates, and the instability in Europe because of Greece.  None is true.

The market will rise when the rich can make money and will fall when they stop making money.  They sell when the market peaks and buy after the collapse, all with the help of their monster computers.

If they still do not make money, they bring new companies into the market through public offerings, known as IPOs.  Of course they really do not want them to succeed so they buy up all the stock before the first public offering, then sell it to the stupid public the first day it is available to buy when the price is being driven up.  Once the stock rises, they lose interest and so far this year 38 IPOs have gone bankrupt, which cost the little people untold millions or billions of dollars.

I guess there is a reason our founding fathers did not trust big banks, international banks, or even capitalism.  Maybe our current leaders should pay attention to history, not just their campaign fund raising efforts.


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