Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Liberal Media has lost their Memory and Mind


Ever since Ross Perot erupted on the scene back in 1992 and cost the Republican party the presidential election there has been a melt down in the minds of America's Fourth Estate.

Lost from the minds of the liberals is the history of liberalism in America and the desire of the American public to have balance between the conservative and liberal advocates.  At times, it seems our new generation of news reporters, ignore the tradition and values of Americans and try to push an agenda inconsistent with the public views.

When our country was founded the prevailing constitutional battle was between a dominate central government versus strong state governments.  Even back then, they understood the only obstacle to a successful America was the potential for a concentration of power in our nation's capitol.

Over the years, the pendulum swung ever so slowly between conservative and liberal views but in the 20th Century, the opposing policies became more entrenched.

Along came Franklin Roosevelt and with the depression followed by World War II dominating the USA, there was a massive move to the liberal left.  But once again it could not be sustained as Adlai Stevenson, the darling of the liberals, went up in flames as Ike took control of the post-war America.

Then Kennedy pulled off the closest presidential victory in history, which the liberals took as a mandate, and once again, socialism dominated our policies.  However, Kennedy, the political pragmatist, realized the limited value of socialism and moved to the center.

After his assassination, Viet Nam, the Great Society, Civil Rights, and academic freedom issues tore apart the nation.  Hubert Humphrey, Gene McCarthy, and George McGovern were the poster boys for liberalism.

Once again, the public mood swung to the right and Nixon was elected, dismantled much of the liberal control with his New Federalism, meaning a reduction in the power of the central government, and proceeded to destroy the liberal movement when he defeated McGovern by 18 million votes, the greatest margin in our history.  In the process, he won 49 out of 50 states.

For most of the next four decades, the moderate conservative policy ruled America except for the four years Jimmy Carter was president.  There was Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, who often sounded more Republican than the Republicans, and finally Bush.

Then along came Barack Obama who set out to turn America back into the socialist bastion he dreamed it should be but Barack could deliver on very few of his promises and refusing to take the road of compromise, he introduced partisanship into his leadership and brought the Republic to a near standstill.

Unfortunately, the liberal media played right into his hands and kept seeking out conservatives to be the bad guys, in blocking the Obama socialist agenda.  Thanks to the media, the social issues dominated the headlines throughout Obama's time as president and the government basically ground to a halt.

Back in 1992 when Perot robbed Bush of re-election, it marked the beginning-of-the-end for the two party system.  Since that time, there as been a steady erosion of eligible voters registering to vote, and a steady erosion of the control of the two political parties over registered voters.

This past year two major, milestones were passed in terms of voters.  Within the registered voters in the nation, it was the first time more people declared themselves Independents than either Democrats or Republicans.

Perhaps more foreboding, within the eligible voters, it was the first time more people chose not to register to vote than those registering.  The result was Obama won his last and largest victory with just 25% of the eligible vote.

Pythagorean Analysis of Voter reality in America

Total USA Population Today          325,332,205
Total Population under 18                 78,000,000
Total Population 18 and over          247,322,000

Total Eligible Voters 18+                 247,322,000

Total Registered Voters                    142,200,000
Percent                                                            57%

Total Voter Turnout 2014                121,757,000
Percent of Registered Voters                        85.6%
Percent of Eligible Voters                             49.2%

Total Obama Votes 2014                    62,615,406
Percent of Registered Voters                        44%
Percent of Eligible Voters                             25.3%                                                                        

Total Romney Voters 2014                 59,100,000
Percent of Registered Voters                       41.5%
Percent of Eligible Voters                             23.9%                                    

Total Eligible Voters not Voting       125,565,000
Percent of Eligible Voters                             50.8%                                                

Back on September 16, 2010, I wrote the following.

The March of the Invisible Americans - the Independents

In the past two years a fascinating phenomena has quietly taken place that could change the future of politics in America. Just 18 months ago for the first time the number of people claiming to be Independents has surpassed the total number of members of either the Democrat or Republican parties. If the political bosses of the two parties are paying attention then they better be preparing for an early retirement, their stranglehold on the political system and the government may be coming to an end.

So what if the Independents outnumber the Elephants and Donkeys? Well in simple words it means that nearly 40% of our voters have rejected the policies, programs and candidates of the two party system. It also means this huge voting block reflects the disenfranchised voters of America, the one group of our citizens subject to taxation without representation.

You see just 32 states allow registered Independents to vote in the primary election for federal offices, meaning for those of you who slept during American History class that means 18 states do not allow Independents to vote in the primary. Several are rather large states banning the Independent vote.

Now some enterprising Independents have formed a bunch of Independent political parties in order to get on the ballot but the states, thanks to the pressure from the two reigning political parties, have made the rules so difficult it is hard to accomplish. Even with his millions of dollars Ross Perot, without a doubt the most successful Independent candidate in the 20th century, still was not on all ballots.

Ross did what he had to do and in spite of the efforts of the two parties to crush him he still got 19% of the vote and cost Bush senior the election.  Clinton won by far less than the 19% Perot took away from both party candidates. More on Mr. Perot later as I intend to report on my years as a media advisor to Ross Perot and the things he was doing for people behind the scenes.

Why are states forcing Independents to set up their own political party when they are Independents because they are fed up with the political parties that exist? They don't want their own party, there is all ready to much politics in America. They just want the right to vote for candidates from either party or any of the many minor parties like the Green Movement, etc. in the primary and general elections.

Who gave the Democrats and Republicans the right to dictate who we can choose from on the ballot? In many cases the parties are protecting the worst candidates and the parties have demonstrated that their primary purpose is to protect the political system that is corrupt to the bone. If America is the land of the free then why do the political parties get to screen and virtually dictate who we can vote for in the elections?

As America has matured and both parties have demonstrated an equal zeal to promote greed and corruption the difference between the Democrats and Republicans has vanished. Oh it may be that most liberals are Democrats and most conservatives are Republicans but there are liberals, conservatives and moderates in both parties.

It may be that the party and presidential candidate have a platform to run on but as every winner the past century including the most recent candidate of change Barack Obama have demonstrated, once they win nothing really changes. Both parties are addicted to campaign money, both try to control government policy and in the end the rich still get richer while the middle class is left holding the bag. There will never be effective and honest campaign reform as long as the two parties control the candidates for president, the House and the Senate.

It is time someone sensible in our nation's capitol step up and give all the voters rights. It is time we recognize that control of the government is not the right of the political parties but the people. It is time we pay attention to what got us into this mess in the first place, taxation without representation, greed and a healthy dose of corruption.

I don't remember reading anything about the power or role of the Democrat or Republican parties in our Declaration of Independence or Constitution. There were no guarantees that they should be allowed to control our national policy nor pick our candidates. Fact is they weren't even in existence when our Founding Fathers were debating our future.

I believe both parties should have a voice in national politics, along with the Independents. Then the voice of the people will be heard. Right now only the political machines are heard. Someone in Washington should clean up the mess. For the first 100 years third parties were essential to our success as our forefathers knew there was an inherent danger in allowing political control to be concentrated in a couple of parties.

It was a system that worked quite well. Then came the party bosses who tapped the money and found out how financially rewarding control could become if only they could force the public to pick between two stooges. Occasionally we get good presidents. But there are a lot more good people that could be helping out the country but they will never get the chance because they do not have the backing of the political parties, unions, Wall Street or the money managers, all who conspire to preserve the status quo.

In summary, neither political party has an interest in preserving our future, just protecting their special interests.  Obama tried to tip the balance of interests in America by pushing his aggressive socialist agenda.  It failed.

Now the Democratic party is running a liberal, a progressive, and a socialist for president while the GOP have a mix of moderates and conservatives.  Our future is not about party, it is about people.  Is it really surprising that those outside the political system present the greatest challenge to continuing with business as usual?

I say let the liberal media and political parties keep living in fantasyland, and the people will rip the nation right out from under them.  Perhaps that is the only way to elect people to serve the people, a long, lost American principle.

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