Monday, August 17, 2015

Trump Trumps Media - Drowns out Opponents - Turns Politics Upside Down


The boys inside the beltway and the media powers from NYC to DC are choking on their microphones as The Donald, as he is known to adoring fans, continues to devour a steady diet of liberal media, political opposition, and preferential prodigals designed by the "politically correct" clowns.

Trump cannot help himself, he is having great fun and he is doing it in a way the professional politicians and media, whether right or left leaning, had better take seriously.  No one east of the Allegheny Mountains has a clue about politics in America's third world, or outside the beltway.

Where I grew up, in Iowa the caucus state, talk of Washington, D.C. was generally concerned with the foolishness and egomania of those politicians in the nation's capitol.  Outside the beltway, people had little good to say about government and a lot bad.

As government became more and more polarized people figured it was just as well, they were only doing stupid things anyway.  At times, it seemed the safest course of action was to send congress back on vacation where they could not screw up the union further.

People could still talk about politics with humor, not hate.  They could still talk about God without legal challenges.  They could still talk about all the things now on the politically taboo list and forbidden to discussion.

Well, along comes Trump and suddenly he shatters all the taboo subjects and strategies and perceptions heretofore promoted by the eastern elite.

If an opponent attacks him, he fires back with guns in both hands.

If a news media demagogue asks a stupid question, he calls it a stupid question and refuses to answer.

He flaunts his hard-earned wealth and laughs at the tax loopholes that made it possible.  Yet he stands alone as the only person running for office who really knows what needs to be fixed, and how to fix it.

When pressed by the media for details he implies there will be plenty of time for details when he is president.  How many politicians have been quick to lay out extensive policy papers, like Obama, and then ignore them once elected.

The truth is no one knows what will work until they are in the oval office and discover the truth about what the government is doing.

Win or lose The Donald is turning the election upside down and his down-to-Earth comments and instant availability to an often hostile press is refreshing transparency missing from the Obama administration and many other professional politicians.

If his numbers keep improving in the polls and he continues to dominate the media he will be a force to be reckoned with, one created by the very media that called him a buffoon and an idiot just a few weeks ago.

Keep it up Donald because at last we are getting some honesty in politics.


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