Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Media Missteps as the Propaganda Machine Moves on - You are the Pawns!


We probably do not need a totalitarian government when we have the media to remind us what it would be like to be spoon fed our truth without the necessity for fact checking, honesty, or whatever version of the truth you care to embrace.

Thanks to the Internet, those too lazy to research and make up their own minds can simply cut and paste anything they want and take possession of it as their way of thinking.

Well this article is for all those who have given up the right to think and have settled on parroting causes because they sound nice, or attack the right people, or are so stupid no one will ever know what you are talking about in your message.

Here is a word both liberals and conservatives have long forgotten, PROPAGANDA.  Here are a few more lost words, TRUTH, COMPROMISE, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, COMPASSION, EQUALITY, well, the list goes on and on.

You see, probably close to 90% of all websites deliberately or stupidly distort the truth in order to sucker people into liking the site, which in turns gets fools to share the site so more fools will look at and share the site.

If you are a liberal, you have just become the greatest contributor to feeding the rich, your enemy, because you let someone make money from the ads embedded in the propaganda you posted.  So next time you demand we redistribute the wealth you can start by NOT sharing info whose sole purpose is to line the pockets of the rich.

The same is true of the conservatives.  Both the liberals and conservatives are clueless pawns in the game of power and greed.  There seems to be nothing they can do to get out of the addiction they have to sharing untruths.

Somewhere along the way, they have lost the ability to think for themselves, to construct meaningful sentences to explain what they think, and to worry about such trivial issues as truth and consequences.

In short, the social advocates have politicized every good cause and polarized the population in the process.  There is probably one hope left for the world and that is God triggering a massive solar eruption on the sun and bombarding the Earth with a solar storm.

By the way, that does not even require weapons of mass destruction.

The radiation will not harm humans but hopefully will destroy electronic equipment and infrastructure thus ending cell phones, texting, tweets, twits, streaming video, cyber space, the Internet, the senseless babble between uninformed robots called people, and bring peace at last to the world.

Of course, a side benefit might be the destruction of all triggering mechanisms for the vast arms dealers and warmongers and nations in possession of nuclear weapons since they are all electronic as well.

Are you willing to pay the price for peace?  Are you ready to just shut up!

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