Thursday, August 20, 2015

Obamaville August 20 - Where did Obama go? Is he lost at Martha's Vineyard?


What a week in terms of politics.

Trump holds his first town hall and over 2,500 people show up.

Trump and Bush conduct dueling town halls.

Polls continue to show Trump overtaking Hillary.

Hillary holds pathetic news conference, reinforces her moral dilemma.

Clinton calls out the Big Dogs to deflect criticism of her email mess.

Clinton walks out of news conference accusing the news media of obsession with her trustworthiness.

The Huffington Post, still screaming for respect as a news organization rather than extension of the Bill Clinton good time group, refuses to treat Trump as news.

As Huffington declares Trump "entertainment" another liberal icon, Time Magazine, profiles Trump on the cover as revolutionizing presidential campaigns.

Obama's signature foreign policy achievement, a nuclear treaty with Iran that no one thinks will work, nears a vote, and may need a veto by Obama and arm twisting of Democrats to get approved.

Obama seems to have vanished on the golf courses of Martha's Vineyard demonstrating his continuing effort to prove he belongs among the rich and famous at the Cape, far from the unrest in the cities controlled by his fellow Democrats, like Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago, and Ferguson.

Did I mention that the Obama economic recovery is teetering on the brink of another meltdown with the Internet stocks of companies he calls his friends are driving the markets down day after day.  Real economists say the entire Internet market is over-valued and due for a collapse.

With just 16 months left in the Obama presidency, his historical legacy is looking weaker and weaker as promise after promise from the president falls to the wayside.

At the same time, the Republicans seemed to have seized up, gone is the hope and promise of a new day post-Obama.  In fact, no professional politicians are saying anything about a bright future, only the non-politician Trump.

Inflation is up,

The economy is down,

Foreign governments do not trust us,

They have lost respect for our "super power" status,

GMOs continue taking over the world food supply,

Everyone and everything in the USA has been hacked by cyber crooks,

Serious crime is rising all over,

Health care costs rise as service falls,

None of the wealthy are in jail after destroying our economy,

Legal prescription drugs are causing more mass killings,

Yet, we are supposed to feel hope and happiness.

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