Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck Rally, with a little help from Sarah Palin & friends, silences Liberals


On Saturday, August 28 in our nation's capitol Fox host Glenn Beck silenced his liberal critics who warned of unrest and violence from a gathering of Americans on the mall. In his rally to restore honor to America and to urge a return to Judeo Christian values, Beck and friends like the ever popular Sarah Palin drew many hundreds of thousands to a peaceful demonstration of love for America and hope for the future.

At the same time the Reverend Al Sharpton, members of the Obama Administration and the NAACP were holding another rally with a few thousand supporters where Sharpton denounced Beck for trying to steal the day of Martin Luther King's "I had a dream" speech 47 years earlier. It was a stupid charge from an old and tired civil rights advocate and one he spent the next two days trying to deny in television interviews.

What was important is Beck and Palin brought a huge crowd together with no discussion of politics or Obama or conspiracy theories but to honor God, country and the members of the Armed Forces who defend our freedom.

Beck is neither a Republican nor a conservative purist and has been demonized by Obama, the White House and the liberal media but the success of his event stunned them all and caused them to reconsider just how bad the Pelosi Democrats my lose this fall.


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