Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Turns Down Obama Offer - Now Free to Sue Obama


Yesterday Shirley Sherrod, the Ag Department official who was fired by the Obama administration, met with the Secretary of Agriculture and turned down the offer from the Obama people to rejoin the team. As usual the media has continued to sidestep the most important questions to ask Shirley as if not asking will make the truth go away.

Since her story broke in the media we have consistently wondered why the mainstream, cable and progressive media have all chosen to ignore facts and pass sweeping judgments with no justification yet they still seem to have learned no lessons.

Silent is the media on whether Shirley and her husband stand to gain $350,000 from suing the Ag dept for discrimination on a long pending settlement. Should she get a large award and the answer lies in a pending bill for over a billion dollars buried in Congress, then one wonders how a former Ag official could sue and win money from the very department she works for. Sounds awful close to a conflict of interest.

Better yet, why did no media ask if she intends to sue the Obama administration for one of the most blatant acts of discrimination every admitted to by the government. Any half baked lawyer could win a huge settlement based on the dumb mistakes the Obama people made, then admitted to making.

If she has already sued the government before, did Obama or Ag Secretary Vilsack attempt to talk her out of suing again when they met with her? Did they ask her to wait until after the fall elections before going after her retirement fund?

Shirley deserves to win big because she was a victim, not of the media though the media and NAACP were stupid in how they handled it, but of the Obama administration because they should have known better than to find her guilty with no review of the facts. When the White House can ignore due process we are all in trouble.

As for the media, they remain silent on the issues I raised weeks ago and that are just as important today. If the media were truly interested in the facts this information would have been disclosed long ago. Did she sue before? Will she get $350,000 when Congress approves the bill? Will she sue again? Did the president, Ag Secretary or anyone else try and talk her out of suing or ask her to delay the inevitable? Why did the media not check out the obvious?


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