Monday, August 02, 2010

Sarah Palin Remains Top Media Draw and Fox News gets Benefit from Liberal Palin Obsession


Sarah Palin, now news commentator on Fox News, continues to baffle the liberal media who are forced to report on her if they want to get daily ratings and hits on the liberal web sites like Huffington Post, and other Palin haters. This weekend her appearance on Fox News was reported in all three New York papers, the New York Times, Post and Daily News, the Washington Post (three different articles from the same Fox appearance), numerous daily newspapers, the liberal media (MSNBC, CNN, NPR, Public Broadcasting Network) network television and who knows who else.

Now in the days of journalistic integrity no self-respecting news media outlet would be stealing the story from a competitor but in today's news environment of hijacking and distorting stories by the media they have to swallow their integrity and report on public enemy number 1, Fox News to get the increased hits and views Palin power can deliver.

No one in the liberal camp delivers ratings like Sarah Palin just like no one in politics dominates Main Street media like Sarah Palin and since Palin knows better than to let the liberal media distort her message by granting interviews and giving them stories, they have to steal them from Fox News, Sarah's Facebook or Twitter postings.

Speaking of the liberal media, last week we reported on the liberal media conspiracy to manufacture the news about Palin starting with her nomination as VP by John McCain. The liberal plot, Journolist, was exposed by the Daily Caller and one of the tactics the unethical jerks of the liberal elitists did was to plant a story about her son Trig.

The media plotted to spread a rumor that Trig's mother was actually Bristol Palin, the former Alaska governor's daughter, and the rumor ran rampant among the liberal haters of the internet during the presidential campaign. Of course neither Obama or Biden did anything to discourage the liberals who were supporting them from spreading the rumor. The journalists also urged co-conspirators to used the reference to "Palin's Downs child" along with other negative terms of deception.

In response Palin wrote "There is a sickness and darkness in today's liberal media."

Sickness indeed and it goes much farther with the campaign hacking of her private emails to the incident last week on Facebook where her call to not build the Moslem mosque just two blocks from ground zero in NYC was deleted by Facebook from her Facebook page just because a Palin hater started a campaign to label her racist, yet another old liberal tactic. There are a lot of Jewish and other families who lost loved ones on 9-11 who agree with Palin on this issue. Facebook had to reinstate the comments and apologize to Palin for the un-American censorship, something we should all be concerned about.

As more and more truth comes out about the insidious plot to discredit Palin with lies, rumors and jokes, by many members of the liberal media, and the facts behind the exchange of these lies between the liberals in order to coordinate the deceit between news outlets, the more it becomes obvious the real victims were the people.

We trusted the news media to report the news and they did not. Many people formed unfavorable opinions of Palin because of what was reported, and now we know much of what was reported were lies. Honest Americans should reconsider their attitude about Sarah Palin in light of the plot that was exposed to smear her, a plot that continues to this day.

One wonders why the Obama campaign or White House don't condemn the acts. If President Obama really wants to stop the lies, polarization and partisanship that he and his followers set in motion he can help by stopping the liberal media from flaming the fires of hatred with lies about Sarah Palin and others. I mean they are his supporters.

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